What is the number of the votes in the house of Washington?

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How many votes did George Washington get?

He was the only candidate for our first election, so everyone whovoted voted for him. He only served (and only wanted to serve) oneterm. 69

Does Washington have the most electoral votes?

No, California has the most electoral votes for a state. If speaking of George Washington, again no. Ronald Reagan won with the most electoral votes in history, 525.

Does Washington D.C. get electoral votes?

Yes, the 23rd Amendment to the US Constitution gives Washington DC electoral votes, although no more than the least represented state.

Can people in Washington DC vote for president?

Yes, the legally qualified voters who live in DC are allowed to vote for president. DC has been given three electoral votes and their electors vote along with all the electors from the states.

Does Washington DC vote democratic?

yes. most of the time they voted for Clinton in 92 and 96 then Gore in 2000 then Kerry in 2004 and Obama in 2008

How many votes does Washington D.C. have?

Washington DC allows one vote per person of age 18 years or older. During a presidential election, this translates into 3 electoral college votes. In the 2008 Presidential election, Washington DC cast 265,853 votes.

Who votes first the house or the senate?

If The House writes it, it's The House first, then The Senate. Bills written in The Senate, Generally go to Senate first vote then The House. In some occasions, The House will vote first on Senate Bills.

Was George Washington voted in?

Yes, George Washington was elected President of the United States, and then re-elected four years later. He retired after serving two terms.

When did Washington DC get electoral votes?

Amendment XXIII (23) to the Constitution, proposed by Congress on June 17, 1960, and ratified by the states on March 29, 1961, gave DC the right to vote in presidential elections. It now has three electoral votes, the same as Montana, Delaware, Vermont, and several other small states.

Why did Washington DC not have electoral votes before?

When the Constitution was ratified, there was no city of Washington. After the capital moved there, the city grew but it was many years before DC had an appreciable permanent population. The vast bureaucracy of government workers, military personnel and lobbyists now living in Washington is of relat ( Full Answer )

What was the popular vote for Obama in Washington?

President Obama had 1,775,396 votes or 55.88% in Washington State. But if you are referring to Washington DC, the president received 267,070 votes, or 90% of the popular vote.

Who can vote in the US house of representatives?

The representatives, all 435 of them, are the people who vote in the House to make new laws or repeal old ones. In addition to the 435, a number which has remained constant since 1913 with the exception of the period between the addition of a new state and the subsequent congressional reapportionm ( Full Answer )

Who votes in the speaker of the house?

hopefully only the speaker. Otherwise it would be very painful for the speaker.. All of the members of the house vote for the speaker

What are four types of votes in the house?

1. Voice votes are the most common, speaker calls for "ayes" and "noes" 2. Standing vote if any member thinks the speaker has commited an error in a voice note. all in favor, and then all opposed, stand and are counted by the clerk. 3. Teller vote, when this happens the speaker names two letters, ( Full Answer )

How many electoral votes did Washington have?

George Washington was unanimously elected both times that he ran for U. S. President. He received a vote from each of the 69 electors in 1789 and from each of the 132 electors in 1792. Although he did not run for reelection in 1796, he received two votes that year.

Does the speaker of the house have a vote in the house?

The Speaker has a vote if he/she is a member of the house of representatives BUT ... the speaker of the house does not have to be a member of the house of representatives in order to become speaker so, the speaker has a vote if he/she is a member, but that does not always have to be the case

How does the Senate differ from the House in voting?

The senate has an even number of members and so a tie vote is possible, if this happens, the vice president who is not a member of the senator can vote to break the tie. The House has an odd number of members and so a tie can not occur if every member votes. The leader of the House is a member e ( Full Answer )

How many house representatives can vote?

There are 435 of them and they all can vote. . 435 of the 441 members of the U. S. House of Representatives are voting members. The six non-voting members are from the District of Columbia and the five unincorporated U. S. territories, Puerto Rico, the U. S. Virgin Islands, American Samoa, Guam an ( Full Answer )

When can you vote for senate and house again?

The next national election will be in November, 2012. At that time all of the House, one-third of the Senate and the presidency will be up for election.

When did George Washington get voted for president and why?

When: George Washinton was unanimously drafted as president by the Electoral College in 1789. Why: He was a great leader in the french and Indian war, the revolutionary war, and in supporting the creation of America's government.

What denies the right of its citizens to vote by reducing the number of Representatives in the House of representatives?

If a state loses population, it loses representatives in The House of Representatives. There can only be 538 members of Congress, allowing each state has 2 senators and Washington D.C. has 3 representatives. So if a population in one state grows, they gain representatives, but there must be a state ( Full Answer )

How are Washington electoral votes proportioned?

The state of Washington is allowed to appoint 12 electors for the presidential and vice presidential elections of each of the years 2012, 2016 and 2020, one for each of their two senators and ten Representatives. That is one more than they had from 1991 through 2011. The District of Colombia is a ( Full Answer )

What is it called when the house or senate votes?

When debate concludes, the motion in question is put to a vote. The Senate often votes by voice vote. The presiding officer puts the question, and Members respond either "Yea" (in favor of the motion) or "Nay" (against the motion). So, in summary, the literal term would be just that: ' voting. '

How many electoral college votes does Washington get?

Washington State appoints 12 electors in each of the Presidential/ Vice Presidential elections of 2012 through at least 2020. Washington DC appoints 3 electors in each of the Presidential/ Vice Presidential elections of 1964 through at least 2020.

When do you vote for us house representatives?

U. S. House members are elected on the day after the first Monday of November of every even-numbered year. There may be primary elections earlier in the year in some districts to get the number of candidates per political party per congressional district down to one.

Does Washington DC have a vote in electoral college?

Under theTwenty-third Amendment to the United States Constitution,Washington, D.C. is allocated as many electors as it would have ifit were a state, (but no more electors than the least populousstate). Since every state has at least 3 electoral votes,Washington, D.C. is allocated 3 electoral votes.

What were the house votes of Jackson and Adams?

In the 1824presidential election an individual needed to receive at least131 electoral votes out of the 261 total electoral votes. AndrewJackson received 99 electoral votes, John Quincy Adams received 84electoral votes, William Crawford received 41 electoral votes, andHenry Clay received 37 electora ( Full Answer )

What is the number of electoral votes determined for Washington state?

Washington State can appoint 12 electors for each of the presidential/ vice presidential elections of 2012, 2016 and 2020. If the U.S. Census Bureau's 2011 predictions of 2020 state populations turn out to be accurate, Washington will be allowed to appoint 12 electors for each of the 2024 & 2028 ( Full Answer )

What is the total number of votes in the electoral votes?

The total number of electoral votes is fixed at 538. Each state haselectoral votes equal to the total of the 2 representative thestate has in the U.S. Senate plus the number of representative thestate has in the House of Representatives. Since every state hastwo senators and at least one representat ( Full Answer )

Who received the second highest number of votes against Washington in 1789?

The first U.S.presidential election was in 1789. George Washington was electedas the first president of the United States. The election wasconducted under the new United States Constitution, which had beenratified earlier in 1788. In the election, George Washingtonreceived all 69 electoral votes and ( Full Answer )

What is the total number of electoral college votes needed to win in the White House?

270 electoralvotes in the Electoral College are needed to win the U.S.presidency. Each state has electoral votes equal to the total ofthe 2 representative the state has in the U.S. Senate plus thenumber of representative the state has in the House ofRepresentatives. Since every state has two senator ( Full Answer )

How many states including Washington D.C. Have the minimum number of electoral votes?

Each state haselectoral votes equal to the total of the 2 representative thestate has in the U.S. Senate plus the number of representative thestate has in the House of Representatives. Since every state hastwo senators and at least one representative to the House, everystate has at least 3 electoral ( Full Answer )