What is the oldest you can be on active duty in military US?

There are two ages for active duty in the military. The first isthe enlistment age which is 35 in the Army, 27 in the Air Force, 34in the Navy, 28 in the Marines and 27 for th (MORE)

Who is the oldest continuous US Military Service?

The United States Coast Guard is the oldest continuous of the United States 5 armed military branches. In 1790 the Revenue Cutter Service was formed and as time goes on additi (MORE)

What is the oldest military base in US?

The Oldest Active Military base in the United States in West Point in New York. However now it is called the United States Military Academy at West Point where they train cade (MORE)

In the US how do you join the military?

You simply go to a nearby Armed Forces recruiting centre (you can find the listing in the phone book), speak with a recruiter, and proceed from there. Additionally, you can re (MORE)

What US military branch is second oldest?

The Navy and army were created in the same year each for different ways to protect. The Navy was created in 1775 along with the Army created by the continental congress to e (MORE)

Which is the oldest US military service?

The Army is the oldest United States of America service. With all due respect if you base the information on the birth of the United States on July 4th, 1776, the Continen (MORE)
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When can a person join the military in the US?

The minimum age for joining the military is 18 years old. However, you may join at 17 if you have permission from your parent. If you choose to be an officer, you need to firs (MORE)
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Do you have to be in the us to join the military?

A US citizen living overseas (such as a dependent of a service member stationed overseas) can enlist from overseas - however, they will be returned to the US for Basic Trainin (MORE)