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How accurate is the expression 'blind as a bat'?

  If it relates to person, not very, as bats do have sight although poor and people have no sonar facility to make up it.
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Are most bats blind?

Bats have poor eyesight, but they are sensitive to light and will avoid it. Yes, Most of the bats are blind. They send some special type of sound with specific frequency, thes (MORE)
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Are vampire bats blind?

Bats in general have bad eyesight, but they are not blind.In laboratory tests, bats have been shown to be able to distinguish shapes and colors.   The main reason that peo (MORE)
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How is the modern bat different from original bat used earlier?

  The Bat   The first cricket bats resembled the modern hockey stick. The first bats were very heavy at the base with a thin shaft. Cricket rules placed no restricti (MORE)
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Why do they say 'Blind as a bat'?

  Because it is said that bats can not see at all. This is not true. A bat can see.
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Are ferrets blind?

No ferrets are not blind. When a baby ferret (also known as a kit) is born, it has a thin layer over it's eyes meaning that it cannot see. This layer eventually goes away and (MORE)

What is a blind intersection?

A blind intersection is a place where roads cross and do not provide a good field of view of the traffic about to cross your path. Thus, you enter the intersection "blind" to (MORE)
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How do you get blindness?

By birth defects, or a very serious injury. Go to to get ways on how to be safe!
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What are blinds?

Window blinds are those products used for covering windows. You can  control the amount of sunlight entering your indoors by using them.  To shop for window blinds, visit su (MORE)