Will there be a iPhone 4g?

There should be a new iPhone out in June or July, because that's around when the other 3 came out and Steve Jobs said iPhone OS 4.0 will be coming out this summer. No one know (MORE)

What new will iPhone 4g have?

Mostly it'll have Multitasking (For 3rd party apps) iAds (Ad system) iBook (Ebooks essentially) Higher clocked systems for the iTouch and iPhone systems Numerou (MORE)
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How much does iPhone 4g cost?

The fourth iPhone costs $199 with at&t's 2 year contract and $500 without. and also it's depend in what contry are u livein'in.. for exsample in israel it will cost without (MORE)

Will the iPhone 4g have Adobe Flash?

Doubtful. Possibly an add-on through Cydia (iMobileCinema had a patch for 3.0 but latest firmware caused problems) Apple doesn't like unauthorized apps on it's devices, (MORE)

What is the price of the iPhone 4g?

in the UK the iphone 4 unlocked 16gb is 499 british pounds and the 32gb unlocked is 599 british pounds in the US the iphone 4 locked by AT&T is $199 and the 32gb locked by AT& (MORE)

Is it iPhone 4 or iPhone 4G?

Original Answer by Norfalka2545 Edited by Arianna Lovendino The answer is iPhone 4, because 3G is an advanced cellular network.If it were named "iPhone 4G", people may mistak (MORE)