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What is a parity bit?

What is a parity bit? . Parity bits are used as a form of error checking during the transmission of information. When old modems transmitted data over a network or comm (MORE)

Why did the President have the power to purchase the Louisiana purchase?

The answer is that he did not have the power. But at three cents an acre, and to keep the crucial New Orleans port open, Jefferson and is representatives simply made the deal. (MORE)

List of top 100 cities in India with decending order in purchasing power parity?

Population1Greater MumbaiMaharashtra11,914,3982Delhi M.Corp.Delhi9,817,4393KolkataWest Bengal4,580,5444BengaluruKarnataka4,292,2235ChennaiTamilnadu4,216,2686AhmedabadGujarat3, (MORE)
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What is parity in physics?

In particle physics, parity is a property of elementary particles which could be understood of its property to be reflected in a mirror. It mainly means a flip in the coordina (MORE)

What is purchasing power?

The value of a currency expressed in terms of the amount of goods  or services that one unit of money can buy. Purchasing power is  important because, all else being equal, (MORE)

What is a parity track?

It's a track (a section of a magnetic disk, or a section of any  given storage device that emulates a magnetic disk that uses the  the LBA/CHS[Cylinder, Head, Sector]) that (MORE)