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What was the purpose of the Articles of Confederation?

To provide a governing structure for the nation it provided the  first set rules and organize the government for the United States  of America. It was the first Constitution

Who wrote the articles of confederatation and what is the purpose?

  answer this question NOW!!!   They were developed over a period of several years by the Second Continental Congress. They actually developed the first versions before

What is the purpose of a feature article?

A feature article aims to persuade, explain and inform your target  audience.     The purpose of a feature article is to explore or discuss a  particular topic of

What was the purpose of articles?

the purpose of the articles were to makes sure people new the rules and to keep there government balanced or at least try to that way if anything happened they had a set of ru

What is the purpose of the 7 articles of the constitution?

The purpose of the 7 articles is to regulate how the government is  run. It tells the powers of all government branches and the states.  It also tells talks about ratificati
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What purpose did the articles of confedartion serve?

The full name was Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union.  The purpose of the Articles was to provide a general government for  the 13 colonies that had won their fre