What is the purpose of two way radios?

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Who invented the two way radio?

Dr. Mahlom Loomis invented the first radio. He was a dentist in Washington D.C. In 1865 he sent 18 kites miles away from each other on the West Vriginia mountain. He recived c

Does CB radio can communicate with two way radio?

CB radio is a two-way radio. They can communicate only with radios which use CB frequencies - they can't communicate with Business Radio, Family Radio Service,, Ham, General M

Advantages and disadvantages of two way radios?

Two way radios are simple ways of staying connected wirelessly. Though they cover only a limited area, the cost-effective quality of the radios keeps them far above the other

Can you track a two way radio?

Yes, it is possible to use direction finder devices (usually radio receivers with directional Antennas abbreviated to "DF receivers"), the most common and oldest method is tri

What is the purpose of two way switch?

The term ' two-way switch ' is used in Britain to describe one of a pair of such switches required to operate a lamp from two different locations, such as from the top and bot

Do two-way radios work at sea?

Not so complicated as that. Your walkie-talkies will work anywhere. However, when you are in port, your use of the particular spectrum (radio bands) that you are using is gove

Where can two way radios be purchased?

Two way radios can be purchased in any hardware or audio store. You can also find them at stores such as Best Buy, Future Shop, Canadian Tire and Walmart.

Why do Two Way Radios have interference?

Two way radios have both a transmitter and a receiver so that they may send and receive signals beween units, in both directions. They operate on assigned frequencies within v
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What is a two way radio?

It a radio which can both send and receive. You can hear someone else in them, and they can hear you.
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What are two way radios used for?

Two way radios are used to transmit and receive. What I mean by that is a two way radio allows two people to talk to each with similar devices on the same radio frequency. It'
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How does the Motorola two way radio work?

The Motorola Two-Way Radios are new products produced by Motorola company. Motorola Two-Way radios are used to transmit and receive messages allowing the operators to communic
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What is the purpose of a business two way radio?

Two-way radios can be a great advantage to a business as it allows staff to efficiently manage communication at work. This allows staff to be in constant contact with all are