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What is the relationship between the US and Cuba right now?

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What was the relationship between the Soviet Union and Cuba?

The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) and Cuba were bothcommunist countries, and the Soviet Union provided money andsupplies to Cuba during the US trade embargo with

What is the relationship between man and nature now?

You mean humans and nature; men are not the only people on Earth.  The reationship is not very good. The effects on the Earth because of humans are on the large part, negativ

What is the relationship between citizens' rights and responsibilities?

Rights are the things that congress or the government protects, like the right to vote, to have the due process of law, and other rights that they uphold. responsibilities com

What is the relationship between rights and duties?

rights are god given things that noone but god could take away which this definition was establish in the US with the bill of rights declaration of independance ect. Duties ar

Why does someone tell you they do not have time for a relationship right now?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nBecause they are not really interested. We are all busy, but if you really want something you will make some kind of time for it.\n. \n Answ

What is the relationship between human rights and religion?

Another answer from our community:    Depends what Religion you are talking about. Lets take Islam for  instance: Islam is all about human rights and also includes ani