What is the risk of approving the employee workers Compensation claim?

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Is an employer responsible for continuing health insurance coverage if an employee is out on workers compensation claim?

I don't know anything in the Code that requires it. The EmployER application for Group Medical Coverage asks if an Employer would like to allow an employee to keep coverage fo

Do you need workers compensation insurance if you have no employees?

I owned my own semi-truck and trailer and I was required to have workmen's comp even though I had no employes.. Answer . Even if no one is requiring you to carry Comp, the

When is worker eligible to claim workmen's compensation?

By definition, a covered employee is entitled to workers compensation benefits if he/she was injured within the course and scope of employment. Fault by the employer is not an

Why is a case worker assigned to workers compensation claim?

A caseworker (similar to an insurance adjuster) monitors the medical, rehabilitation, and re-training progress of the injured party on behalf of the insurer/employer. This can

Why do workers compensation claims have case workers?

Case workers are assigned to all such programs to ensure that correct procedures are followed by the payer and payee. In the case of WCI the agent assigned will monitor the be

When does an employee have to repay workers' compensation payments?

The workers' compensation insurer pays the employee benefits for a work-related injury. In many states, it is the sole remedy of the employee in the sense that the employee is

Can you voluntarily withdraw your workers compensation claim?

Yes. Just inform you adjuster that you wish to withdraw the claim. They may want you to submit a statement in writing just to protect themselves but it should an easy process.

Can an employee fire you for filing a workers compensation claim?

Employers can fire an at-will employee for any reason, but an employee has remedies in court for wrongful termination (i.e., if the employee was fired for not participating in
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Where does one file workers compensation claims?

First the employer must be notified of the illness or injury. The claim can then be filed with the state's workman's compensation department. The employee handbook or the st
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How does a person file a workers compensation claim?

To file a worker's compensation claim, one should notify the supervisor immediately of the injury and obtain any necessary medical attention. It's advised not to delay the not