What is the risk of approving the employee workers Compensation claim?

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Is an employer responsible for continuing health insurance coverage if an employee is out on workers compensation claim?

I don't know anything in the Code that requires it. The EmployER application for Group Medical Coverage asks if an Employer would like to allow an employee to keep coverage for up to 6 months. What if the Employer is only paying a portion of the premium? The Employee would still have to pay his port ( Full Answer )

If you have had any workers compensation claims do you have to put this on an application?


Do you need workers compensation insurance if you have no employees?

I owned my own semi-truck and trailer and I was required to have workmen's comp even though I had no employes.. Answer . Even if no one is requiring you to carry Comp, there are significant benefits, such as lifetime medical coverage if you're injured on the job. If you're self-employed, this ma ( Full Answer )

What is workers compensation?

Worker's compensation is a type of insurance provided by employers in case an individual gets injured on the job. Worker's compensation pays an employee for medical care and lost wages until an employee can recover and get back to work. The system under which the injuries to workers are paid for ( Full Answer )

When is worker eligible to claim workmen's compensation?

By definition, a covered employee is entitled to workers compensation benefits if he/she was injured within the course and scope of employment. Fault by the employer is not an issue--it is a form of strict liability which, historically, was developed as an alternative to employees suing employers wh ( Full Answer )

Why is a case worker assigned to workers compensation claim?

A caseworker (similar to an insurance adjuster) monitors the medical, rehabilitation, and re-training progress of the injured party on behalf of the insurer/employer. This can effect further coverage on later treatment. rehabilitve care, and re-training that you may need. Their other functions inclu ( Full Answer )

How important is having a witness to an accident affect a claim of workers compensation?

Having a witness will always assist in making a claim for workers compensation, but it is not essential.. In the UK - if an accident at work occurs an entry should be made by your employer of the accident circumstances.. If the accident was serious or required more than 3 days off work - the Healt ( Full Answer )

What is employee compensation?

\nYour pay, wage or salary that you are paid regularly, for the work you do for an employer.

Why do workers compensation claims have case workers?

Case workers are assigned to all such programs to ensure that correct procedures are followed by the payer and payee. In the case of WCI the agent assigned will monitor the beneficiary's right to continue to receive benefits among other things. For the most part the case worker is working for the ( Full Answer )

How do you get workers compensation?

If you are hurt at work in California, the process starts by reporting the injury to your employer and asking for medical treatment if needed. They should give you a claim form which they are supposed to forward to their workers compensation carrier. Bad answer. We do not rely on employers to sta ( Full Answer )

Do corporations have to supply workers compensation for employees in the state of California?

Yes, in California failure to have workers' compensation coverage is a criminal offense. In fact, the California Labor Code makes it a misdemeanor punishable by either a fine of up to $10,000 or imprisonment in the county jail for up to one year, or both. Additionally, the state issues penalties of ( Full Answer )

Do corporations have to have workers compensation for their workers?

Yes, or remain liable for their workers' injuries PLUS allow workers to sue them if they don't. Failure to provide workers' compensation coverage is a criminal offense and in. In California, it is a misdemeanor punishable by either a fine of up to $10,000 or imprisonment in the county jail for up to ( Full Answer )

As a business owner do you get money back if you have no claims at end of year from workers compensation insurance?

You might if you're on a retrospective rating plan, yet these are very complex and can tie up your financial resources for years - YEARS. Enter into them only if you're fully informed on all the pros & cons. If you're a small firm, I really feel it's not in your best interest to be on a retrospectiv ( Full Answer )

Can you claim workers compensation for causing anxiety attacks?

You cannot receive worker's compensation for instigating panic attacks; however, you may be eligible to receive compensation if you suffered an emotional trauma on the job, if said trauma interferes with your ability to resume and/or continue duties, and if a doctor can establish a definite correlat ( Full Answer )

Can a full time employee be classified as part time due to lost time while on workers compensation?

You need to check with your state on that one. Start with yourlocal DOL office and see what they say about it. The DOL(Department of Labor) Office is one who write the rules in eachstate which governs full time and part time as well as workmanscomp. Myself I was on workmans comp for 1 hour 2x a week ( Full Answer )

Can you file a workers compensation claim without losing work?

If your were injured at work then you can certainly file a compensation claim. However, If the injury was covered under other insuranfce and or not significant enough to cause a loss of work you might be wasting your efforts.

For Illinois Workers Compensation is the employer required to pay the wages of an employee to attend a doctor appointment?

If a Section 12 independent medical exam is requested by the employer, travel expense is supposed to be advanced before attending the exam. If a worker also has a lost day's wages to attend the exam or 1/2 a day's wages lost, then the workers comp act provides for reimbursement of the lost wages or ( Full Answer )

Will workers' compensation cover employees that are getting paid in cash and has no social security number?

Yes, believe it or not, it will. The law on workers compensation places the responsibility on the employer, not the employee. The fact that the employer is behaving illegally does not absolve him from his legal responsibilities. If an employee is hurt on the job, he is entitled to workers comp. Now ( Full Answer )

When does an employee have to repay workers' compensation payments?

The workers' compensation insurer pays the employee benefits for a work-related injury. In many states, it is the sole remedy of the employee in the sense that the employee is prohibited from suing the employer for negligence that caused or contributed to the occurrence. It may also pay for injuries ( Full Answer )

Can you voluntarily withdraw your workers compensation claim?

Yes. Just inform you adjuster that you wish to withdraw the claim. They may want you to submit a statement in writing just to protect themselves but it should an easy process. For full disclosure, I own and operate a small Independent Insurance Agency in Gordon, Georgia and have for 22 years. I also ( Full Answer )

Can an employee fire you for filing a workers compensation claim?

Employers can fire an at-will employee for any reason, but an employee has remedies in court for wrongful termination (i.e., if the employee was fired for not participating in illegal activities that the employer was involved in, if the employee was discriminated against, or when the employee "blows ( Full Answer )

How a bank employee claim for compensation for injury while on duty?

If he/she is covered under Group Medical Insurance scheme,he/she will be entitled to claim compensation for injury while on duty in a bank. If he/she is having seperate Personal Accident Policy, he/she should file claim with the insurance company and get benefits according to the gravity of the inju ( Full Answer )

How much compensation can a worker get for an industrial injury claim?

The compensation that a worker can get for an industrial injury claim varies from about a few 1000 pounds to 1,0000 of pounds. The amount awarded depends on how severe the injury is. The injury lawyers may only give you the estimate of your claim, the final amount is determined by the court.

Where does one file workers compensation claims?

First the employer must be notified of the illness or injury. The claim can then be filed with the state's workman's compensation department. The employee handbook or the state's employment development site can give you the contact information.

How does a person file a workers compensation claim?

To file a worker's compensation claim, one should notify the supervisor immediately of the injury and obtain any necessary medical attention. It's advised not to delay the notification for it will affect potential benefits.

Where can one file a workers compensation claim?

One can file a worker's compensation claim through the state disability office. Some places of employment also have offices inside the company where you can files claims.

Does an employer have to pay an employee wages and mileage to go to the doctor if it is workers comp claim?

The worker's comp law is slightly different in each state.Basically if an employee is injured in the course and scope oftheir work, they are entitled to having the cost of medical carepaid, and if they miss time from work, they are to be paid forwages they miss. There ARE limits on how much the paym ( Full Answer )