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What is the root prefix and suffix of extolling?

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What is the root prefix and suffix of incapable?

The Latin root of the word incapable is capabilis from capere (to take). This provides the root -cap- and the suffix -able (suited for). The prefix in- usually means "not". 

Roots prefixes and suffixes of intercession?

Here's my breakdown: inter - between cess - go sion - nominalizer (make it a noun) related words are intersection, intervention, recession (a going back) Here's what

What are examples of prefix suffix and root?

An example of a prefix is: re- recharge, reboot, reanimated, refuse, refer, recollect and referendum. An example of a suffix is: -ing shooting, hitting, marching, letting, col

How to find roots prefixes and suffixes?

There is always a base word to a word with prefixes or suffixs, for example in the word pre game, game is the base word, and pre is the prefix. Prefixes are always at the begg

Is megaly a root a prefix or a suffix?

In English, it is generally used as a suffix to indicate the state of something being large, often abnormally so. "cardiomegaly", then, describes the state of having an enlarg