What is an alchemist?

Answer . An alchemist is a person who practices alchemy. . Alchemist may also refer to: . Alchemist (band), an Australian progressive metal band . Fullmetal Alchemist, th (MORE)

What did Alchemists do?

They tried to turn lead into metal and make potions for ever lasting life(live forever) They also tried converting cheap metal to gold. With this contribution, it really h (MORE)

Who were alchemists?

The scientists who believe that copper and metal can convert into minerals like gold are called Alchemists.
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What was an 'alchemist'?

An alchemist was someone who looked for the secret of life, in order to try and find a way of living forever. On the way to finding that they looked at whether you could chang (MORE)

What were the alchemists?

The alchemists were the first chemists. But in addition to mixing chemicals, they also believed that magic would help with their experiments and formulas. It didn't. But their (MORE)

What is sacrifices?

In the old days Jews used to sacrifice an animal which was spotless as a sustitue for their sins. But after the death of christ on the cross at calvary the blood of Jesus is e (MORE)

Can you be a alchemist?

While you can be an alchemist, the study of alchemy has largely evolved into the more modern study of chemistry.
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