What is the size of the government house?

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Size of bc liberal government?

there are 151,900 men and 249,700 women totaling 401,600 employed persons with the BC government. (BC Stats 2007 Employment by Class of Worker and Industry - http://www.bcstat

What is government size?

The government is a very big government, especially Canada's and the United States. They are strong as well.

How do you measure government size?

There are different ways that are used to measure the governmentsize. The revenue and expenditure of a country are the commonfactors used.

What was the size of the government cabinent in 1700s?

Washington appointed Thomas Jefferson as the first Secretary of State on 26 September 1789. Alexander Hamilton became his Secretary of the Treasury on 11 September 1789. Henry

How do you measure the size of the government?

The size of the government is not an absolute figure, it depends on other things. The size of the government is best measured against the size of other things in the economy.

What is the size of a house?

A general contractor I once knew used to say that he could build anything "from a birdhouse to a palatial mansion." Houses come in all shapes and sizes.

How does the government know the population size?

Every ten years the government has a survey given to every U.S.resident. This survey is commonly known as a census. There arequestions like "How many people live in your resid