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What does the slang term grinding mean?

It can mean rubbing your genital area on your partners genital area It can also mean playing a video game scene over and over in order to increase the level of your character

What does the slang term 'Geordie' mean?

Geordies are people who come from the northeast of England. Some think it's from the mining days when everyone else was using a certain mining lamp, but people from the Northeast kept on using the George Stephenson lamps or "Geordie lamp". In 1992 John Hall established NUFC and using blanket medi (MORE)

What are some slang terms for marijuana?

There are many. Here are some common ones: 420 blunt (rolled in a cigar wrapper) doobie fatty (large joint) ganga grass green goddess herb joint (rolled in rolling paper) Mary Jane Sinsemilia weed There are possibly hundreds of names for marijuana. They are the following (MORE)

What is the meaning of the slang term 'lemon'?

In American slang, a "lemon" is a car that causes more trouble that it is worth, as in "I bought a car from that dealership, but it turned out to be a lemon." In Australian slang, a "lemon" is a lesbian (originally just a sour woman), as in "This town seems full of lemons." In Cockney rhyming (MORE)

What is a slang term?

a slang term is a word used instead of the "official" terminology, and made common by use.

What are British slang and American terms?

Depends on how indepth you are wanting to go. But the best way to learn the translations without asking for a specific definition is to watch British television OR to read books by English authors. It helped me learn! Oh, and weird British movies will help alot because they tend to use less formal l (MORE)

What is the slang meaning of the term Big Red?

This is a term used for NCAA football teams that have a red color in their uniform or school colors. Example: University of Oklahoma is Crimson and Cream. Go Big Red! . It can also mean the buds of a particular type of marijuana with red " hairs " on the bud.

Is trim a slang term?

It can be. It can be a reference to sex. It can also mean a haircut, as in "just a trim." The word "trim" means either slim or slender, or to make something thinner or more slender.

Where did the slang term dis originate?

When getting " respect " was all the rage , DISrespect became a major offense. By common usage , this degenerated to " dis " People with a poor self-image and unsure of how to feel self-respect, often demand it without earning it, to boost their own fragile egos.

What does the slang term 'dogs' mean?

The term means friend or person " Whassup dog?" . It more usually refers to the feet, as in "my dogs are barking" meaning your feet are very tired and sore..

What is a slang term for a 100 note?

The $100 USD bill is nicknamed a "Benjamin," "Benji," or "Franklin" (after Benjamin Franklin, who is pictured on the note), C-note (C being the Roman numeral for 100), Century Note or "bill". According to Wikipedia, the 100 Australian Dollar note is colloquially referred to as: . a 'Jolly Gree (MORE)

What does the slang term Junkie mean?

A Junkie is a person addicted to the drup heroin. It refers to the 'down and out' status of the drug addict. They are essentially worthless, a piece of junk to be discarded. A junkie can be recognized by a strung out glassy eyed look, with bruises and needle marks on the veins of their arms. "A (MORE)

What is the meaning of the slang term tool?

It means someone is being used like, a tool Example: You're such a toll just letting him push you around like that. One who lacks the mental capacity to know he is being used.

What are slang terms for cigarettes?

Smokes, butts, fags, stogies, coffin nails, cancer sticks, cowboy killers, Churot (in India) pucho (in Spain) darts and durries (Australia) and bones

What does the slang term lift mean?

Well it means something like "Lift the fog" meaning do you ever stop smoking marijuana, crack, etc. And if someone says something stupid then a person would think they're on something such as weed or crack (not literally, just jokingly) and they would just say "Do you ever lift?"

Is gigi a slang term?

The term "gi-gi" (pronounced with hard "g") is a slang term used in rural South Louisiana to designate someone who is an unsophisticated country bumpkin.

What does the slang term deuces mean?

Deuces means peace or bye. 'Deuces' is slang for 'peace' The image is of you making the "peace" sign with two fingers upraised. "Deuce" is slang for two.

What does the slang term tap out mean?

To "tap out" means to give up or concede at something, usually the lame way to lose or the cowards way out. From wrestling if a wrestler taps out, he's conceding the match for some reason without being pinned.

What does the slang term doughface mean?

It basically means, your face is made of dough, either because you're a jerk, idiot, or generally clueless. It could be used in this situation: "Give me back my hairband!" Said 5 year old Lucy, "No chance!" Said her twin Brian, "MUUUUUUUM!" Lucy shouted, "You're such a doughface, running t (MORE)

What does the slang term 'phantoon' mean?

Phantoon is a slang term for excretion or 'poop' made by popular YouTubers LucahJin, NintendoCapriSun, JoshJepson and others while making the live stream LucahThon.

What does the slang term 'dicey' mean?

Something dicey is something that is not entirely safe. The image is of throwing dice for a random outcome. A dicey situation could turn out to be fine, or it could turn out to be dangerous. If you were walking through town, and came upon a bad neighborhood, you would say "This area looks dicey. Let (MORE)

Is the term jerk considered slang?

It depends on how you use it. If you mean to suddenly tug or pull,then it's a normal verb. If you mean someone who's acting rudelyand has poor manners, then it's slang.

What is the slang term for the word head?

It means for a girl/guy to preform sexual actions on a man's penis with their mouth. That meaning is for "to give head." "Head" by itself is slang for the toilet.

What does the slang term soup mean?

Two explanations, first to be 'in the soup', means to be in trouble, Second, 'to soup up' means to improve the capacity for speed or performance.

What does the slang term Ham mean?

Ham refers to someone who builds or operates radio transmitters or transceivers as a hobby. It can also refer to someone who communicates in a way that implies he or she is seeking attention. It means that the person enjoys being in the spotlight and has an inflated opinion of his acting abilities.

What are some slang terms for suspicious?

They may include: . doesn't pass the smell test . fishy . smells like raspberries . smelling a rat . suspect . up to something It is interesting that a number of slang words and phrases for suspicious are related to the sense of smell.

What is a long in slang terms?

Long in slang terms means: " Very far ". Example: "Dave: Hey Bob want to go to the movies?" "Bob: No man, that is long"

In slang terms what does LTR stand for?

Usually abbreviations stand for many different things. In this case it is most likely that LTR stands for "Long term relationship" which is used to indicate the "marital status" of a relation on social media sites.

What is the term blunt slang for?

The term 'blunt' as slang form means that one is using drugs or addictive substances. This term is often associated with Marijuana or nose drugs consumption.

What does the slang term lesby mean?

Lesby is a term used to describe somebody who has two homosexual parents. It doesn't matter whether they are both male or female, as long as they are the same sex and both your parents, they are lesby's.

What is the definition of the slang term Guidos?

Guidos is a slang term for working or lower class Italian Americans. This term became more well known outside the New England area after it was used extensively to help promote the MTV show "Jersey Shore."

What does the slang term bun mean?

Bun in Jamaica means infedility . So when you are unfaithful to your mate, it is said " Yu gi dem bun" . Download from amazon.com , Joan Williams'6th edition of " The "Original Dancehall Dictionary" and you will become familiar with the popular and expressive Jamaican language.