What is the slang term for a big win?

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What is a slang term?

a slang term is a word used instead of the "official" terminology, and made common by use.

What is the slang meaning of the term Big Red?

This is a term used for NCAA football teams that have a red color in their uniform or school colors. Example: University of Oklahoma is Crimson and Cream. Go Big Red! . It c

What are some modern slang terms?

What's tight on the street. Meaning: How are you wats up omg just chillin wats goin down im in the hood wat up mann? sup

Is trim a slang term?

It can be. It can be a reference to sex. It can also mean a haircut, as in "just a trim." The word "trim" means either slim or slender, or to make something thinner or more sl

Where did the slang term dis originate?

When getting " respect " was all the rage , DISrespect became a major offense. By common usage , this degenerated to " dis " People with a poor self-image and unsure of how to

What does slang big cat mean?

The slang big cat often refers to the person in charge. It can alsorefer to someone who is dominant over others.