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What is the standard depth of a excavation for an isolated footing?

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What is the standard bar counter depth?

  The top bar is around 18 to 24 deep and the bottom, where the bartender works, is usually 22 to 26 inches with a total depth of 28 to 38 inches. The total height of a ba

What is the standard depth of a closet?

Answer depends on application: Minimum 24" for suits and dressesMinimum 28" for coatsMinimum 16" for other

What is the equation for finding the volume of isolated footing?

In general an Isolated footing has three parts. One Rectangular part another is Trapizoidal part and rest is Pedestrial part. The volume of concrete of rectangular part if AXB

What is the standard Kitchen counter depth in inches?

Counter depth is the key for functional comfortable kitchen design.  The standard Kitchen counter depth is 25 inches (63.5cm) or 30  inches (76cm). For more information brow