What is the standard height of a towel rack?

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The standard hanging height for your towel rack seems to be 48 inches above the floor. This will leave leave enough space below the bars for towels to hang freely. If, however, you hang the towel bar in a children's bath, place the bar at a height of 36 inches.
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What is the standard height for a towel ring?

There is no standard height for a towel ring or rack. Generally speaking, they should be approximately chest height for a shower towel ring. When speaking of towels, there are

What is the standard height for a towel bar?

Towel Bar Height . Whatever height is most comfortable for you considering your height. If you are remodeling a home to sell, I would place it at around 4 feet. Just make s

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Wherever its comfortable for you. You don't want to be bending or reaching up for it. It should be located at a height that is comfortable and ergonomic for you. Standard heig

Public Paper towel dispenser standard height?

ADA Towel Dispensers and Waste Receptacles compliance Access to opening for paper towels shall be located 15" to 48" (380-1220mm) from the finish floor for forward reach. Sid

What is standard height for towel bars?

The standard height for towel bars is about 48 inches from theground for adults and 36 inches for children. You can adjust theheight as you would prefer but it should be withi

Standard towel hook height?

The standard towel hook height is 60 inches. That is a height offive feet. However, when you are hanging your own towel hooks, itis a good idea to take into consideration the
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What are the benefits of a bath towel rack?

Bath towel racks help your bath towels dry after use. This can prevent mold from forming on your moist towels, as well as your floor. Towels that are left on the ground get di