What is the starting salary for a secret service officer for 2011?

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What does the Secret Service do?

The United States Secret Service ( USSS ) is a federal lawenforcement agency under the U.S. Department ofHomeland Security . Until 2003, the Service was part of the U.S. Departmentof the Treasury . . The U.S. Secret Service has two distinct areas ofresponsibility: . Financial Crimes, covering (MORE)

What is the yearly salary for a police officer?

It depends where you want to work. NYPD police officers top pay is around $30,000, but in the NJ suburbs, top pay is around $100,000. If you go into the Midwest or into the south, a police officer isn't maing much above minimum wage. Also factor in the cost of a government pension and benefits into (MORE)

What is starting salary?

The starting salary is the base amount of money that person startswith in their career. This amount usually goes up every year. Theamount it goes up is called an annual raise. It is figured outnormally through an annual review.

When was the secret service started?

The United States Secret Service started shortly after President Lincoln was assassinated in 1865. Surprisingly, the duties of the Secret Service did not, at first, include protecting the president! The job of the Secret Service agent was to fight crimes of counterfeiting (the printing and spending (MORE)

What is the salary of a Coast Guard officer?

If you go to the follow military website (set-up by the gov.), and put in the O3 grade, which is an officer's grade, you will see that the salary reaches well into the 80k region with only a few yrs. of experience.

Salary of a police officer?

I really depends on the state, city and country. Some start out aslow as $9.00 an hour to $60,000 a year (US). Other countries the salary can be as low as 300 - 400$ per month.

What is the salary of police officer?

In the United States, officers for police officers vary from city to city and also vary from US State to another. I'll consider the term police officer to mean police in uniform. One example of a high paying US State is New York. New York State Troopers can easily earn $100,000 or more per year. Whe (MORE)

What is a Police officers starting salary?

It depends on your country and the speciality of the officer. The speciality could be: . Homicide . Arson . Traffic . Fraud . Child Protection . Local Enforcement . neighbourhood Enforcement . And so on The wage differs by speciality, rank, experience, qualificationsand country. Your bes (MORE)

What is the average salary of an army officer?

The median salary of an Army Officer is a little over $100,000. Not even close - an officer does not make 100,000 until after 20+ years in service and attaining the rank of Colonel. A Major of 12 years service makes about $72,000. Granted, that is base pay, but they do get allowances only if there i (MORE)

Salary of a chief legal officer?

the average seems to be around 250k to 270k with up to 390k heres the most accurate report i've seen so far http://www.cbsalary.com/national-salary-chart.aspx?specialty=Chief+Legal+Officer&cty=&sid=&kw=Legal&jn=jn030&edu=&tid=44436

What is the salary for a medical billing officer?

Well Medical billing isn't exactly popular among people in theallied healthcare field. And who could blame them? Most people havea natural aversion to numbers. But what not a lot of people don'tknow is that medical billing presents a lot of opportunities tothose who are willing to study it. This is (MORE)

Which would be more pressure on the Secret Service - protecting a president-elect or protecting him once he is in office?

Tough question. On the one hand, a new subject has not usually had experience working with the Protective Detail, and as such may commit security SNAFU's accidentally. On the other hand, the President Elect's daily routine is less formalized and is undergoing change at the time of the transition, so (MORE)

How do you get in the secret service?

The U.S. Secret Service hiring requirements are listed on USAJOBS. Generally one needs a bachelors degree. Experience in security work is generally not required as well as police experience. You DO NOT need someone with "influence" or "pull", that is ridiculous. NO ONE gets "recommended" for a " (MORE)

What is the salary of a police officer or a probation officer?

regular officer around $30,000 starting probation not familiar with im Another View: There is no 'blanket' answer to this question. (in the US) It depends completely on the area of the country and the pay scale of the agency for which you work. Salaries for police work vary GREATLY and can run from (MORE)

Does the secret service live in the office?

No, like everyone else the officers of the Secret Service live at their homes or apartments. While on duty they live with the person they are guarding, wherever that person may be (home, traveling, hotel, etc.).

What is the salary for a medical office assistant?

BLS Figures According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the 2010 median payfor medical office assistants averages for $28,860 annually. As faras hourly rates go, medical office assistants can earn $13.87 perhour. Indeed.com, on the other hand, forecasts a higher rate formedical assistants, ran (MORE)

How much is a police officers salary?

It depends on the Police Officer's location. Many Officers starting salary in California is between $45,000 and 60,000. It may also depend on a persons education background.

Do police officers have a good salary?

Certainly a question open for debate. Police officers earn a salary on the low to mid-level range of government employees pay scales. Whether that is sufficient to reimburse them for the hours they work and the risks they face (to both their life AND their health) is debatable.

What is the salary of an Indian Foreign Service Officer?

as far as i know,the salary of IAS or any other civil services officer is congruent with those of the high level officers(e.g Research Officers) of the Indian parliament. So the salary of IAS officer with the same rank as that of a Deputy secretary will earn approximately 60,000 Rs. per month. inclu (MORE)

Why is the Secret Service secret?

So they could protect the president. They are supposed to keep the code names of the president and his family secret. This way, possible assassins are not given additional information.

What is the salary of a hate crimes officer?

(in the US) although some agencies MAY have this type of duty assigned to an investigator, there is no such specific title that I am aware of, and their salary range would be the same as any other investigator of equal time, grade, and service.

Why was the secret service started?

1865 The Secret Service Division was created on July 5, 1865 in Washington, D.C., to suppress counterfeit currency. Chief William P. Wood was sworn in by Secretary of the Treasury Hugh McCulloch. 1867 Secret Service responsibilities were broadened to include "detecting persons perpetrating frauds ag (MORE)

How can you get into the secrete service?

Applicants should have either a four-year college degree or a combination of education and criminal investigative experience, be in good physical condition, and have a record that is clear of criminal behavior. Lots of people apply to become Secret Service agents, so the process is very competitive. (MORE)

What is the salary for a nypd auxiliary officer?

Not sure how long this question has been up, but the salary for NYPD Axuliliary Police Officer is none. It a volunteer police forece and nothing more, however they do recieve a uniform allownace check at the end of each year. The check is only like $250.00 to $300.00.

Is President Obama trying to change the amount of years he will get secret service protection after he leaves office from 10 years to 20 years?

Actually, the person to benefit from the change is President George W. Bush. Until President Obama changed the rules in early January 2013, former presidents who served after 1997 lost secret service protection after only ten years. Mr. Obama, citing security concerns in our more dangerous world, an (MORE)

How long will Barack Obama get secret service after office?

Mr. Obama, and also former President George W. Bush, now have secret service protection for life. The bill to guarantee this protection easily passed congress and Mr. Obama signed it into law in January 2013. Previously, former presidents only received ten years of protection, but in a more dangerou (MORE)

When was the Organized Secret Service have been started?

The Organized Secret Service was started in 1985, and was initially an organization responsible for the protection of American currency against counterfitting attempts. In 1883, the Secret Service was finally officially acknowledged by the U.S Treasury Department. From 1883, the Secret Service would (MORE)