What is caramelldansen?

Caramelldansen is a nifty little song by the Swedish musical group Caramell. It means the Caramell Dance. (But hopefully you could figure that out. T.T) In Japan it's called U (MORE)

What are the lyrics for caramelldansen?

Vi undrar är ni redo att vara med Armarna upp nu ska ni få se Kom igen Vem som helst kan vara med Så rör på era fötter Oa-a-a Och vicka era hö (MORE)

Is the caramelldansen popular?

Caramelldansen is very popular. there are over one thousandvideos made with that song. a lot of anime fans love the song. Itis so popular it is know all over the world. It is (MORE)

How do you make a caramelldansen?

Go To Photobucket. and Get one of the animated Photo's and get a Japanese Crazy Song.. and Make one in Windows Movie Maker.. You need to repeat the image in the video

Is Caramelldansen in a anime?

The dance animation that popularly accompanies the song in videos originates from a very brief scene in the opening theme sequence of the anime Popotan. However the song itsel (MORE)
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How can you get caramelldansen on Synthesia?

It is possible to get Caramelldansen on Synthesia. There are a few sites with the download and also YouTube has many videos with tutorials to help others get the song.