What is the swift code of metro bank Baguio branch?

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What is the routing number or swift code for china construction bank renshou branch?

Search Tool . I found this free tool for searching for SWIFT numbers. Unfortunately it does not return a result for China Construction Bank and searching for "China" in keywords gives more than 200 results, while Renshou gives none.\n. \nPerhaps you can think of better search terms than me. Good (MORE)

What is the swift code number of land bank escario branch cebu city?

LAND BANK HAS ONLY 1 SWIFT CODE FOR ALL BRANCHES..OK. List of Philippines Bank Swift Codes. Allied Banking Corporation - ABCMPHMM American Express Bank Philippines - AMEXPHMM Banco de Oro Universal Bank - BNORPHMM Bank of China Manila Branch - BKCHPHMM Bank of Commerce - PABIPHMM Bank of (MORE)

What it is the swift code for the commercial Bank of Dubai branch?

2-By wire transfer to the following account:-. Bank name : Commercial Bank of Dubai . Branch : Alaweer . Account name : Leaders Training Center . Account No. : 1000523512 . Swift Code : CBD UAE AD . P.O. Box : 2668 Dubai . Tel : +971 4 3201222 Fax : +971 4 3201201. 2-By wire transf (MORE)

What is the swift code of icici bank kolhapur branch?

No SWIFT for Kolhapur branch, use central corporate SWIFT instead, and ICICI will route internally: . BIC Code . ICICINBBXXX Institution name ICICI BANK LIMITED Branch name Address:. City heading . MUMBAI Address MAFATLAL CHAMBER CTG, FLOOR 3, B BLOCK LOWER PAREL (E) Zip Code POB Zip POB (MORE)

What is the swift code for Indian bank dilsukhnagar branch hyderabad?

In order to know the SWIFT BIC that is the Bank Identifier Code you must have access to online applications like the Swift Directory or the most famous Bankers Alamanac. . www.bankersalmanac.com . Unfortunately they are all Subsciption based, so if you are not a Financial Institution then I sugges (MORE)

What is the swift code and Iban number for HDFC bank Ankleshwar branch India?

SWIFT/BIC code is a standard format of Bank Identifier Codes approved by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). SWIFT/BIC code is a mandatory requirement for all wire transfers and is the unique identification code of a particular bank. You can find your code on your account sta (MORE)

What is the Swift code or BIC for Bank Al Habib north nazimabad branch?

Bank Al Habib (a comparatively new branch) North Nazimabad Branch Plot No.SD-6, Block G, Saima Flowers, Scheme No.2, North Nazimabad, Karachi. Sorry, at this moment I can't give you the SWIFT/BIC code But above you can see the address and below you can have the contact telephones: And if you n (MORE)