What is the telephone number of the department of defense?

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What is the Department of Defense?

Created in 1949, the Department of Defense was an outgrowth of the National Security Act of 1947, which had "unified" the armed services. The debate in Congress leading up to

What is the telephone number for the Lagos Police Department in Lagos Nigeria?

Lagos, Nigeria is either the state of Lagos or the island of Lagos."Lagos" really is not descriptive enough to know where you arecalling. Internet sites crop up for one of the

Citibank is there a telephone number for the foreign operations department?

There is no such thing as the Foreign Operations Department. I'm gonna guess that you received an email telling you that you are eligible for millions of dollars from Citib

What is the telephone number for the state department of insurance?

Insurance is regulated by each state, rather than central regulation by the federal government. Therefore, without knowing where you are located, the question cannot be answer