How can you get military training without joining the military?

Well there is one way, it's called ROTC. There for about 2 months or 3 you spend most of your time doing what military personals do but without having to go to war its just a (MORE)

What is the toughest military training?

i think that the royal marines commandos have a reputation for being one of the toughest 32 week basic training course, but there are other American forces like the U.S navy s (MORE)

What is the best military training in the world?

The factual answer to this question is the British S.A.S. They areworld renowned for having the longest most gruelling training onearth. Reason being The British S.A.S is the (MORE)

Which country has the best military training?

Russia has the most intense military training in the world,which helps teach more defense military skills. Other countrieswith good military training include China, United K (MORE)
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Can an already trained 48 year old trained sniper join us army as a sniper for combat?

We've been over this already. The answer is no. For one, the Army's cutoff age is 42. Furthermore, your sniper training will most likely be centered on different standards tha (MORE)
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What is a good place for military training?

The best place would be Basic Training (or what most people call "Boot Camp") Depending which branch of the military you're interested in joining would determine which trainin (MORE)