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Have a baby who has a tuner syndrome any treatment?

  If you are asking can a baby who has Turner Syndrome get any treatment then the answer is no. BUT, you can help the baby get better though there is no cure. If done earl (MORE)

What are crack babies?

Crack babies are children born to mothers who used crack cocaine during pregnancy.   These children are thought to have impairments in their learning and cognitive abilitie (MORE)

Does Marfan syndrome have a treatment?

While there is no cure for Marfan Syndrome (because it is a genetic disorder), there are ranges of treatment options can decrease (and even sometimes prevent) complications.
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What are the treatments for tar syndrome?

I have TAR Syndrome and I asked my doctor if there's any treatments  or a cure for it and he said that I would have to have surgery on  my arms and they would have to straig (MORE)