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What is the true story behind The Alexandra O'Hara Story?

Fatal Vows: The Alexandra O'Hara Story is a Lifetime TV movie that is said to be based on a true story. The movie is based on the case of serial killer Alejandro Henriquez. M (MORE)

What is the story behind the movie Friday the 13th?

The premise of the original Friday the 13th movie had a little boy, Jason, who drowned at Camp Crystal Lake because the two camp counselors were busy making out instead of wat (MORE)

What is the true story behind Alyssa lies?

his daughter meet a girl named alyssa at school who get's abused everyday and one night she died. sooooooooo sadddddddd! To be more detailed, Alyssa was a girl that the write (MORE)

What is the true story behind the movie Hidden in Silence?

This movie follows the true story fairly closely. One thing the movie doesn't tell you is that Fuscia father had died from illness prior to the beginning of the film. She has (MORE)

What is the true story behind eight below movie?

The 1958 ill-fated Japanese expedition to Antarctica inspired the 1983 hit film Nankyoku Monogatari. Eight Below is the fictional adaptation of the events of the 1958 incident (MORE)

What is the true story behind the Movie The Haunting in Connecticut?

No. Not at all. This movie was taken from the book, In A Dark Place  by Ray Garton. When I first contacted Ray, prior to the release of  this movie, he was giving interviews (MORE)

What is the true story behind Adam and Eve?

Another answer from our community:Adam gets put into the  world when god says his ribs makes people he took one out and eve  appeared but after a while he startedto be out l (MORE)