What is the weight of 8 months old baby?

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The weight for each baby is different. There are babies that eat more than others and therefore weigh more. Also what they eat can effect the weight change
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What recipes are there for your 8 month old baby?

take 1 tbs of rice, 1 tbs of green grams, 1 tbs of tur dal, 1 tbs of malts and rost all of them and make powder. add 3 tbs of powder with little water and boil and make a past

Weight of a 6 month old baby?

There is nothing like absolutely normal weight for a given age. It also depends on birth weight. Babies gain about 600grams per month for the first six months. The birth weigh

What to feed an 8 months old baby?

If you are tradional weaning, then formula baby food can be found in grocery stores and supermarkets. There are a variety of purees and flavours depending on your babies age.

Normal weight of 8 month old baby girl?

\nIf she's on the 50th percentile, then her weight will be a little over 8 kilos, or about 18 pounds. Of course, there's a range of healthy weights above & below this, so look

How can you claim your 8 month old baby?

I am also a full time student, 21 and still live with my parents. I don't really get any help from the dad other him getting him diapers and wipes but he has not really helped