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What is the word means when a baby tries to be born rear end first?

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Are baby rabbits born feet first?

no. baby rabbits don't come out feet first they come out head first but it is very rare that they come out feet first.

Are babies always born head first?

Not always. Usually they are born head first but sometimes babies can come out the other way which means they can be born butt first. This is called the breech position. When

What is it called when a baby is born bottom first?

breech specifically Frank breech - the baby's bum comes out first, and his legs are bent at the hip and straight at the knees with their feet near their ears.)... my brother w

Who was the first baby born in the bible?

Able was the first baby born in the Bible. After Able it was Cain. Nope: The other way round Cain then Able.