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What is the working environment of ms word?

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What age do you have to be to work in Jackson ms?

Child Labor Provisions The FLSA child labor provisions are designed to protect the educational opportunities of minors and prohibit their employment in jobs and under conditio

What kind of work environment does a dermatologist work in?

Generally a Dermatologist works in a practice of his own, he would be the only doctor seeing many patients a day. He would have some secretaries to schedule appointments and

What is the difference between work and working environment?

There is a huge difference between work and working environment.  Work is any activity that requires physical or mental effort so as  to achieve a particular goal. Work envi

What is ms halls work?

Chapter 2 Halloween night; red, orange, and yellow leaves blanket the ground and kids and teenagers go around asking people for candy or else. Upon arriving at John's house Re

What is difference between MS PowerPoint and MS Word?

MS Word is used for text processing. You type your report, term paper or so. MS PowerPoint is used for presentations. So you pack some graphs, headlines and you project the pr

How does an operating system work with MS Word?

Without an operating system no applications can work. Operating systems support applications, helping them to do things like interact with the hardware. So for something as si