What is the world's smallest nightclub?

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What is the world's smallest river?

The Roe River in Great Falls, Montana is only 201 ft. long. The D River is 440 ft. long. The Roe River is recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's shortest river. The Roe flows 200 feet between Giant Springs and the Missouri River near Great Falls. The Roe River competes w (MORE)

What is the world's smallest koala?

The world's smallest koala is a newborn joey, as it is only about the size of a bean. There is only one species of koala, with three debated sub-species. Koalas which live in the north of Australia tend to be smaller than their southern counterparts.

Which animal has the world's smallest nose?

The animal with the world's smallest nose is in fact the Tiffany Bird, native to the Philippines and discovered by Dr Deguzman in 1808. The Tiffany Bird is itself extremely small but its sinus system is minute - as thin as two human hairs and very difficult to pick!

What is the world's smallest berry?

The acai (ah-sigh-ee) berry and the blue berry are the smallest edible berries in the world, the acai is generally smaller, but the blue berry is edible earlier on.

What is the name of world's smallest desert?

The world's smallest desert, covering less than 240 hectares, is the Carcross Desert. It is located in the Yukon of far northern Canada, and was formed from the sandy base of a glacial lake remaining from the last ice age.

Where is the world's smallest bridge?

The world's smallest international bridge is in the Thousand Islands, an archepelago in the St. Lawrence River between Canada and the United States. The bridge, a foot bridge about 30 feet long (10 meters) is between a small island on the Canadian side, which contains a house, and a smaller island o (MORE)

What is the world's smallest camera?

The smallest camera is a miniature copy of a Kodak folding camera made to dollhouse scale (1"= 1') for the Queen's dollhouse. It is supposed to be fully functional, but I doubt anyone has ever tried running film through it. The smallest marketed camera was probably the Japanese Petal camera from abo (MORE)

What is the World's 5 smallest buildings?

5: Poco Construction (usually known as Small Building to USA and England, or Jesus Hercules Romani to the Italians): 3.4m or 11.64 feet 4: Dakar Monument: 2.01m or 6.7 feet 3: IHQIPC (Icelandic Head Quarters for International Physics and Chemistry): 1.68m or 5.6 feet 2: JCRP (Japanese Communist Rese (MORE)

Where is the world's smallest country?

Vatican city is considered an independent country. It is 0.44 square kilometres in size making it the smallest in area, and with only 800 permanent residents it is the smallest by population as well. (notably it is the only country that has a population that is 100% imigrants)

What is the world's smallest living thing?

The smallest living organism is Nanoarchaeum equitans. This minuscule microbe was only recently discovered in a hydrothermal vent off the coast of Iceland and its cells are only 400 nanometres across.

Who is the world's smallest baby?

The worlds smallest baby that has been born in the united states is a little girl named Kayla Trumbauer that weighed only 4.9...4 pounds 9 ounces 18 inches...she was born in Pennsylvania...but now she is 18 years old...she was born in the year of 1992 (march 4th, 1992)

What is the world's smallest human being?

The smallest human on record would be princess Pauline Musters. When she was born, she was 12 inches in height and by her death at age 19 she was 23 inches. When she was at the age of her death, she was about 8 pounds.

What is the world's smallest populated nation?

It depends exactly what you mean by nation.. If you include dependent territories, Pitcairn Islands have a population of precisely 54 .. The Vatican has a population of precisely 826 according to the 2009 census.. Tuvalu has a population of precisely 12,373.. Nauru has a population of precisely (MORE)

What is The smallest nightclub in the world?

The official Guinness book of records listed smallest nightclub in the world, as also listed on the web in the top 20 best clubs in the world, is of course: The Miniscule Of Sound. As seen in countless tight spots around the world over the last number of years. Google the name or go to: (MORE)

Who was the world's smallest person?

The smallest person in the world is Khajendra Thapa Magar, a 14 year old boy, weighs only 4.5kg (10lbs). He currently holds the world record of being the smallest person in the world. i hope I've answered your question byeez xx

Which is world's smallest country?

Vatican City, located entirely in Rome, Italy. Area: about 0.2sq. miles Vatican City is also the smallest in population, with less the 900.

What is the world's smallest paintball gun?

The smartest gun would most likely be deemed the DXL Luxe. This marker not only has an extensive board and multiple amounts of firing modes, but the ability to talk. As you turn in on, it states the battery status, mode, bps setting, and if you should lube the bolt.

What is the name of the world's smallest frog?

Paedophryne amanuensis thus far is the world's smallestfrog. Specifically, the frog is native to Papua New Guinea, where itlives among rainforest leaf litter. It measures 0.30 inches (7.7millimeters). Its calls sound insect-like.

What is the world's most smallest computer?

This is very hard to answer, as there are many different definitions of computers. There exist extremely simple computers smaller than a human blood cell, called nanoprocessors, but they are extremely limited in capability, usually only able to perform simple math or basic logic control. The s (MORE)

What is the world's smallest countrey?

It depends on the definition of the term "country". The smallest sovereign body in the world is debated. Some people argue that the Sovereign Military Order of Malta is the smallest. It has zero land area other than existing in two buildings. However not all nations view it as a sovereign country. T (MORE)

Which is the world's smallest desert?

The Carcross Desert of the Yukon is sometimes listed as the smallest desert in the world at only one square mile. However, it is not a true desert.

Who launched the world's smallest phone?

The smallest and lightest mobile phone was launched by a Japanese company call Willcom on March 21, 2013. Their smallest phone, the WX06A, is only available in Japan right now. It is 32 mm x 70 mm x 10.7 mm and weighs 32 grams.