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What is the year of your general electric refrigerator model TFX22GRBB?

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When was the first electric refrigerator invented?

The first method of refrigeration (cooling air by the evaporation of liquids in a vacuum) was invented in 1748 by William Cullen of the University of Glasgow, Scotland; Cullen (MORE)

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How do you generate electricity?

There are many ways to get electricity. Batteries are one form, outlets another. But if you want to generate your own electricity, you can use pedal or hand-powered generators (MORE)

What are Counter-depth Refrigerators?

Counter-depth refrigerators, sometimes referred to as cabinet-depth refrigerators, are popular choices because of the look they provide. They operate just like [standard-dept (MORE)

What are the Pros and Cons of Freestanding French Door Refrigerators?

French door refrigerators are popular choices by consumers not because of their basic functionality, they keep food cold just like other styles of refrigerators, but because t (MORE)

Side-By-Side vs. Regular Top-Freezer: Which Fridge?

Choosing between a side-by-side refrigerator and a regular top-freezer refrigerator shouldn't be the headache that people seem to think it is. The good news is that most ever (MORE)

What are Full-depth Refrigerators?

With the plethora of refrigerator choices, it can be difficult for you to determine the best refrigerator for you and your family's needs. Features and styles aside, many opt (MORE)

Built-in Refrigerators: Think Outside the Box

Before you decide on a built-in refrigerator based on its features, you must consider its exterior footprint in your kitchen. This article will explain the basics of built-in (MORE)

A Beginner's Guide to How Refrigerators Work

Owning a refrigerator, once considered a luxury, is now commonplace and refrigerators are a necessity in every home. Though Americans use refrigerators multiple times a day, (MORE)

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What year was the AC electric generator invented?

Answer   the AC electric generator was invente by Nikola Tesla. He invented in the late to early 1800's and 1900's. This idea was recently accepted by scienctists.   (MORE)

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How do they generate Electricity?

Some people can check on how their electricity is being generated by using a magnet on their conductor. While electricity can also be safely generated by placing two unique co (MORE)

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What is the year and capacity of a Kenmore refrigerator Model - 970-418829 sn BA60610719?

The year of a Kenmore refrigerator model 970-418829 is either 1996 or 2006. The capacity of this model can be calculated by opening the refrigerator and measuring the width an (MORE)