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What is the year of your general electric refrigerator model TFX22GRBB?

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What are electricity generators?

Electricity generators are devces that make electricity. They are the primary way that different forms of energy (chemical, nuclear, gravitational etc) are converted into elec (MORE)

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When was the first electric refrigerator invented?

The first method of refrigeration (cooling air by the evaporation of liquids in a vacuum) was invented in 1748 by William Cullen of the University of Glasgow, Scotland; Cullen (MORE)

Refrigerators with Water Dispensers

Refrigerators with Water dispensers make life easier. When you come in after a jog it is easy to go over to the refrigerator and just push the button or lever for some fresh, (MORE)

Dispensing Ice: The Best and Worst of Samsung's RF Series

Samsung's RF series is a top of the line range of refrigerator fitted with ice and water dispensers, ice boxes, and french-style doors. They are comparatively affordable, at a (MORE)

8 Refrigerators with Ice Dispensers

Whether you are replacing an old worn out fridge or are changing your kitchen decor, you may find yourself looking for a new refrigerator. The variety of refrigerators availab (MORE)

What are Refrigerator and Freezer Columns?

Refrigerator and freezer columns are more weapons in the refrigeration appliance arsenal. Sometimes known as integrated refrigeration, columns are much more like [built-in ref (MORE)

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How is electricity generated?

Electricity generation is based on the principle of electromagnetic  induction, a scientific law that was discovered by British  scientist Michael Faraday and American scien (MORE)

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What year was the AC electric generator invented?

Answer   the AC electric generator was invente by Nikola Tesla. He invented in the late to early 1800's and 1900's. This idea was recently accepted by scienctists.   A (MORE)

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How do they generate Electricity?

Some people can check on how their electricity is being generated by using a magnet on their conductor. While electricity can also be safely generated by placing two unique co (MORE)

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What is the year and capacity of a Kenmore refrigerator Model - 970-418829 sn BA60610719?

The year of a Kenmore refrigerator model 970-418829 is either 1996 or 2006. The capacity of this model can be calculated by opening the refrigerator and measuring the width an (MORE)

Large Freezer Refrigerator Designs

A refrigerator with a large freezer can be a valuable investment if you are moving into a new home or seeking a refrigerator upgrade. These refrigerators are made in different (MORE)