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What is hacking?

Hacking is the act of breaking in to a computersystem and is a criminal offence under the computer misuse. Answer: The really simple definition of hacking: is gaining an unauthorized access to a computer system. Answer: Hacking, for the most part is about learning how a system works and ( Full Answer )

What is travel?

Travel means moving from one place to another. Every person traveleveryday, they travel to office, school, holidays etc. They aretravel everyday. Travel is the name of the life. To move don't stopis mean of travel.

What is the concept of hacking?

Hacking is the practice of understanding the workings of a system. Hackers do not Break into systems, do anything illegal, or unlawful. Hackers are intelligent people who do not abuse privileges or discoveries. If you are trying to break into a system or something, You are committing a crime. This i ( Full Answer )

How can you travel?

you can travel in lots of different ways through air: planes helicopters through water: boat ship submarine on the ground: cars on foot trains bicycles bus taxies

What is a hack?

One type of hack is something that lets you cheat in a game. You can also hack computers, and many other things. Some of the variations of a hack in a game like Counter Strike are Aimbot, Wallhack, Speedhack and MANY, MANY others. Though I advise you NOT to hack, it is also kind of fun. Hackers a ( Full Answer )

How do you hack?

Hacking There are at least three common meanings for the term "hack" (not counting the one regarding trees). The least common is widely used only within the programming community, and simply means programming for fun. It is possibly an onomatopoeia referring to the sound of a programmer's fingers ( Full Answer )

Where did you travel?

Everyone want to travel on holidays with his family or partner. Butsomeone has only travel to her office and office to her home likeme. :) But I wanna be travelling to whole country in the world andalso want to see life of out of the earth.

What is a sophisticated hacking?

A sophisticated hacker is someone who makes a "Fake" company too bring in profits. This is extremely illegal.

Example of hacking?

The tall bloke with the red shirt on that was in the fourball in front of me on Saturday morning. You know who you are!!!

Is it good to hack?

Its Really Simple man Go To EliteGaming.Biz/forum and Sign up (Fast, Free, No Surveys) Download A hack (Fast Download, No Surveys, Free) No.

How do you hack my sonyericsson?

[img]http://www.jak01.com/phpBB3/styles/T_Blue/theme/imagesback_X.png[/img] Sony Ericsson Hacking Is Very Simple and can customize your phone to the max. For example changing the look of your phone menu walkman. Camera quality sound quality MORE It Has To Be Jak01.Com?. http://www.jak01.com/php ( Full Answer )

How do you hack an iPod?

Under DMCA 2010, "hacking" or "jailbreaking" an iPod is legal and can be done through downloading applications that will install Cydia onto your iPod or iPhone. Many recommend using an application to hack your iPod for it is much easier and quicker. You can use one of the following apps: . Sp ( Full Answer )

How can you be hacked?

You can be hacked by giving out personal information, responding to spam emails or even visiting the wrong website. It is best to have the latest firewalls and security software to ensure that you do not get hacked.

What is hacked?

Hacked means your information has been stolen, or taken away.When's something gets hacked it means someone gained access to youraccount and now it is at risk.

Who is a traveler?

Anyone can be a traveler. The want to travel lives inside all human beings. The idea and want of seeing, feeling, smelling, living something new is a traveler.

What is traveling?

traveling is when a backetball player holds the ball an moves around the court with out dribbling Traveling is movement of people between relatively distant geographical locations for any purpose and any duration, with or without any means of transport.

What does hacking do?

Hacking is basically the vast knowledge of computers or any particular thing. For a computer hacker you should have vast knowledge of computer or in other words you must know everything about everything. There are different types of hackers and the work they do depends on their category. Ethi ( Full Answer )

What are travels?

Basically Travels are when a person or group of person want tovisit a place. It could be because they want to be there onvacation or do business or study in that particular place.Literally, travelling also means moving from one place to another.

When hacked what to do?

well i think you are surprised why no one answered your question it's because there are lots of types of viruses if you were hacked by a Trojan you can remove it with avg anti virus or maybe someone is making a prank on you or if when u start up your computer you see a lot of windows pop up then thi ( Full Answer )

Why do you travel?

In a word, we can benefit from travel in more than one way. The tourist benefit is a well-known added bonus of making a film on location. The holiday mood and the benefits of working with the labor value of the link to find the original tempo of life. To see what there is to see, to grow, to learn a ( Full Answer )

Who is a traveller?

a traveller is so someone who lives in a caravan and has loads of jewellery and hooped earings

Can you hack?

The short answer is yes, if you had the technical knowledge you could. However, there is a difference between ethical hacking (White Hatting) and unethical hacking (Black Hatting). Ethical hacking sometimes called Penetration Testing (Pen Testing for short) is where you have permission from the owne ( Full Answer )

How do you travel?

I think that you can take the bus or ride a bike to look at the scenery along the way if you asked about tourism of transport.

Where do you get Starcraft hacks?

Well, the hacks are at the back of the strategy guides but if you are lazy, here are some: Power Overwhelming: invinciblity Whats Mine Is Mine: 10000 Minerals, awesome when you need lots of Zerglings Breathe Deep: 10000 Vespene Gas, good on Vespene-short battlefields Show Me The Money: 10000 of ( Full Answer )

How do you hack n73?

If any one wants to hack yur nokia n73 thn follow the steps 1.apne mobile me helloox2 unsinged dwnload kare 2.seckman hacking tool download kare usko run kare 3.root srtificat install kare 4.helloox2 ko instal kare agar koi problm ho to contct casperkosi8888@gmail.com

Can you hack starcraft?

Yes, there are all sorts of hacks for Starcraft. Use Epic sauce beta or Oblivian.

Who hacked the Pentagon?

I do not believe that the Pentagon has been hacked yet but there was security breaches. Gary Mckinnon

What are the examples of hacking?

putting a virus on someones pc, smart phone, putting a RAT (remote administration tool) onto them as well, taking down a website using sql injection and over flowing it with data.

Hacking is it a crime?

That depends on your definition of "hacking". The accurate use of the word just refers to finding ways to get computers to do things other than what the designer had in mind. That kind of hacking is not universally a crime. When you start talking about getting into computers you have not been grante ( Full Answer )

What are the conquences for hacking?

There is a type of police which uses the web to try to trace hackers or those who upload child pornography on the web... This police is known as the Cyber police. Hacking may lead to many years of imprisonment or you may be restricted to use a computer... there is also an amount of money to be pai ( Full Answer )

What is game hacking?

You can't. Those programs and the people who ask for your usernames and passwords are fake! Even if they claim it's real, it's still fake! They steal your usernames and passwords and other information, and put viruses on your computer!

Roblox how to hack?

If I were to tell you then you can tell other people, anyways I don't hack I just know how, well my friend does.

How do you hack littlebigplanet?

why would you hack little big planet. thers weekly updates and good costumes. besides whats to hack about it, the levels are easy and it has great gameplay well its highl impossible i tryed...

AQW How do you not get hacked?

The BEST way to not get hacked in AQWorlds is to NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER give away your password EVEN though they ask you for your password for ACs.... They will NOT give you the ACs they will hack / scamm w/e...

Is there a freerealms hack?

yes there is you go to your desktoop type in free realmd ill tell you more later :D :D

How do you overcome hacking?

It is hard to keep a computer system from being hacked... Therefore to help prevent a computer from being hacked is to havean up to date virus protection installed and to avoid untrustedwebsites. One incredibly easy way of never getting hacked it to never connectthe computer to the Internet or any d ( Full Answer )

What are hacks in Roblox?

Hacking on Roblox is against the Terms Of Service and will get you banned. This youtube link here will teach you : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJsG4g-PoAw

How do you hack Bioshock?

When you get close to a hackable device, you'll be prompted to press a key to start the hacking minigame. The idea is to flip the tiles to reveal pieces of piping, and to connect the piping so the liquid flows from one side to the other. There are different kinds of pipes, some slow the liquid do ( Full Answer )

What is damage from hacking?

Hacking can cause a variety of damage depending on the vulnerability. It ranges from very low impact to complete system take over.

How can does hacking?

There are quite alot of diffrent ways of hacking here is a forum to tell you all about it. http://adf.ly/1fKrh

How do you hack wii games without a hack app for hacking?

Brawl Stages (Need [Wii SD] [SD adapter or SD slot in PC] [Brawl Disc] First, download Stage Studio (search it on Google) and make your own stages. It's way better than the one in Brawl. Then, put your Wii SD card in a USB adapter or SD slot. Open it up, and here's a file chain you make; privat ( Full Answer )

When we travel?

According to me winter the best time to travel. This is the besttime to visit the adventure place. This session is best to enjoythe outside .

What is hacking about?

The traditional answer is that a hack is a clever solution to a programming problem. Over the years the media have borrowed the word and use it to describe trying to get unauthorised access to computers.

What can you travel with?

If you are asking about what can you bring during your flight, thenit will depend if first, do you have luggage? If yes then you havea weight allowance as to how heavy your luggage must be. 2nd isthat where are you going? Different countries have different rulesas to what you can and cannot bring in ( Full Answer )

What you get from travel?

From travel I have get more enjoyment and more information. Itgives me more knowledge about the other country culture. And italso give the more relax or refreshing to my mind.

Who do you hack?

Because they like to ruin of peoples fun, troll, or they're justnot good at the game.

Do you have to travel?

Yes, Traveling refresh yourself. Make you social and improve yourpersonality. Their are different type of travel such as - . Adventure Travel . Diplomatic visits . Interstellar travel . Pilgrimages‎ . Exploration . Royal Visits‎ . Specialist Travel‎ Traveling connecting dif ( Full Answer )

What is hacking-?

Hacking has two meanings. One is to cut something off with strongblows. The other refers to gaining unauthorized access on computersystems.