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What is unnormalized relation?

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What is related literature and related studies?

Related literature and related studies is the information from  studies similar to a research study. This gives good background  information for the study and highlights exi

Is unnormal a word?

No. The correct word is "abnormal."

What relation and relation schema?

Relational Schema refers to meta-data elements which are used to describe structures and constraints of data representing a particular http://wiki.answers.com/Describe_the_dif

What do you mean by relation?

A relation refers to a table and a row in a table corresponds to a tuple (is a collection of facts) in relational algebra.The term in this model refers to a two-dimentional ta

Who are you related to?

Who knows? You could be related to some very interesting and important people. Go on ancestry.com, it can really help you find out. I went on and found I was related to kings

What is relational hypothesis?

Relational Hypothesis is when u are relating something with any  other as like we say Girls of high social class became more  liberal.

How does 'public relations' relate to advertising?

Public relations refers to a business building a positive reputation and relationship with consumers and communities. Having good public relations is likely to build trust in

What is human relation and public relation?

There is not a big difference in it human relation is related that person in your criteria i mean in circle and how you link with them. And public relation is wide thing its

What is intergovernmental relations?

IGR provides a broad array of services to the public and state local and tribal governments. It supports couties municipalities, citizens and business by providing support ser

Which relations are function's Relation?

I'm not sure what exactly you're asking about, but if you're asking about the difference between relations and functions, here's the answer.    In a relation, a value i