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You think you may be pregnant possibly conceived about 2 weeks ago bleeding about 2 weeks before your period which unnormal cramping feels like a sandbag on your stomach and nasea?

Answer . Please don't second-guess your health issues. It sounds like you could well have a urinary tract infection. I suggest you see a doctor as soon as possible. If

What is a relation?

A Relation is a group of Functions e.g.{(2,3),(4,3),(3,4)}  

What is relational?

Answer . re·la·tion·al 1. Of or arising from kinship. 2. Indicating or constituting relation. 3. Grammar. Of, relating to, or being a word or particle, such as a

Who are you related to?

Who knows? You could be related to some very interesting and important people. Go on ancestry.com, it can really help you find out. I went on and found I was related to kings

You are a left-handed thrower but you bat like a right-handed is that bad or unnormal and Should you train to bat left or is it too late?

  There is no appropriate category for this question. If you throw left handed and bat right handed you are giving up the advantage of batting left handed against right ha

What are relations?

Relations are the way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected.
In Grammar

Is in relation to or in relation with?

"In relation to" -- things are related "to" other things not with  them.