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What are opinions on the best Canon camera models?

  Depending on what you are looking for out of your camera, I would say the following: Canon PowerShot G10 - If you want a high image resolution (14.7 megapixels) and loa (MORE)

What does EOS in canon camera stands for?

  Electro-Optical-System. I Googled it because I didn't know. There is a full article in Wikipedia on the subject if you wish to know more. My suggestion to all is that (MORE)

What does IS stand for with Canon cameras?

  IS stands for Image Stabilisation. A technique to reduce unsharpness from camera shake. It's quite effective when longer shutter times are used (< 1/ focal length).   (MORE)

Where is the model number on a Canon camera?

Practically all Canon digital cameras have the model number clearly displayed on the exterior, although there are somesub-model numbers. Both the manufacturer model number an (MORE)