What is your future your birth date is 29091982 and birth time 1003 AM?

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How do you find out the exact time of your birth?

You need to visit the hospital you were born at. All cities have public records of births and deaths, and lots of other information. For usually less than $20 you can get a new copy of your birth certificate.

How do you order a birth certificate with the time of birth on it?

There are a lot of ways to get your birth certificate, you can go straight to the municipality of the state where you were born, or you can order it online, there are few websites that offer a valid birth certificates, there are some that are fraud so be careful, i just found this websit (MORE)

When was Xiah Junsu time of birth?

He was born December 15th but he was registered on January 1st the following year. He was born December 15th but he was registered on January 1st the following year

Who was the emperor at the time of Jesus' birth?

Augustus (Imperator Caesar Divi Filius Augustus) . born at Rome on September 23 63 B.C. . died at Nola in Campania on August 19 14 A.D. at age 77 from an illness . reigned 41 years, from 27 B.C. to 14 A.D. . Augustus was the first Roman emperor, a grand-nephew of Julius Caesar. He reigned at t (MORE)

What is birth?

Birth is when a woman has a baby. A baby is made when a man's erect penis has entered the woman's vagina and he releases sperm to one of her eggs wich forms a baby. She either has a C-Section (where doctors cut you open and take out the baby) or labour which is where she pushes the baby out through (MORE)

How do you change your date of birth on your birth certificate?

To change the date of birth on your birth certificate you will have a long discussion to the court why do you want to change your birth date. There are some serious questions that you need to answer before they grant your request, because that certificate is supposed to show the actual date, not jus (MORE)

Your brother has one testicle by birth what risks does he have in future?

He should be checked by a doctor if he hasn't already, just to make sure there isn't still a testicle up inside him. If he really only has one testicle he shouldn't have any problems. He will still be able to have erections, sex and children. Doctors can insert a plastic testicle that looks and feel (MORE)

What is Sarah palin's birth time?

A full name of Sara Heath Palin. Birthdate: February 11, 1964, Sandpoint, Idaho.. Birthtime listed as 7:06:26 AM, PST. This was listed on the website of JudeCrowell.. This time is actually for sunrise - a common technique used when the actual birthtime is not known.

What is Sarah palin time of birth?

Born: 11 February 1964 Sarah Palin was born February 11, 1964 in Sandpoint, Idaho at 9: 43 PM PST (Pacific Standard Time). I know this because I am Sarah Palin's biggest fan!

What is the period of time from conception to birth?

From my quick research, the time is 38 weeks (266 d). The value of 40 weeks (280 d), which is also often quoted, is a result of the uncertainty with which it is commonly found that the exact date of conception can be established. The additional 2 weeks is thus simply a practical response to this unc (MORE)

What is the after birth?

The "after-birth" refers to the placenta, which is delivered 10-30 min after delivery of the baby. The placenta serves as the nutrient source for the baby in utero, so after delivery it is no longer needed and is therefore expelled.

Who was the ruler at the time of Christ's birth?

Caesar Augustus was the Roman Emperor at the time Jesus was born. King Herod the Great was the ruler of the Jews at the time but only with the permission of the Roman Emperor. He was basically a puppet of the Romans.

How does the birth of Jesus affect time?

The method of calculatiing years in the western world comes from the birth of Christ. We are currently (at the time this was written) in the year 2008 AD. 'AD' stands for 'Anno Domini' - 'in the year of Our Lord' - in other words 2008 years since the Birth of Christ. before that years are designated (MORE)

What was the date when birth?

plicy no.- 440760100 name b.l.roy / not mentioned date of birth in policy how i get the date of birth in thise policy

What time did Mohandas Gandhi birth?

He was born in Oct 02, 1869. Born of a Bania (Vaishya or trading caste) family at Porbunder, Kathiawar, the youngest of the three sons of Karamchand alias Kaba Gandhi.

What is the time of Michael Jackson's birth?

Michael Joseph Jackson was born at 12:13 am on the 29th august 1958. Sorry, but the time of birth is in error. The OFFICIAL birth data is as follows: . Birthdate: August 29, 1958 Birthplace: Gary, IN Birth Time: 7:33 pm CST (Gary, IN did NOT observe Daylight Savings Time in 1958.) . Source (MORE)

What can be your date of birth?

you date of birth can be anything to do with numbers days and months for E.G; 18th January 2001 or in numbers 18/01/2001 or 18/1/01

When was the time of Taylor Swift's Birth?

Taylor Swift is AWESOME! I think that she's about 18 or 19 so she was probably born in 1991. She was born in Pennsylvania and wrote songs since she was in eighth grade. Hope this helps!. By time, I think she means like 2:00. Anyway, that's a very good question. Nobody REALLY knows except her, I gu (MORE)

How do i know my horoscope by date of birth and time?

In the past it was very difficult and time consuming finding out my horoscope by date of birth. It required creating a chart of the exact position of the celestial objects in the universe such as the moon, sun, planets and constellations. This required research and data from ephemeris tables. In t (MORE)

Why do you have birth?

When your parent want to have a child that is called birth it is another word forbeing born when your born people could say "you've given birth to a baby" so birth is a would for having a child

How you can know your future by date of birth?

I believe that you are referring to 'numerology', the so-called study of numbers to apparently determine character traits or some how predict future occurrences. You can read about it here: http://www.astrology-numerology.com/numerology.html However, I wouldn't bother as this along with astrology (MORE)

Mozart birth place and birth date?

Mozarts birth place was on the street Getreidegasse and number house 9. He was born on January 27th 1756 and died at the young age 35.

My date of birth is 19th April 1984 tell about my future?

You were born on the 19th of April, which makes you an Aries. You were born in 1984, which makes you a rat. You are charming, creative, and very generous and loyal to family and friends. You have many friends, you are clever, finding ways to get out of a bad situation and into a profitable one. Pe (MORE)

When was Justin Biebers time of birth?

March 1st,1994 (tuesday) 12:56am 1ѕт мαrcн 1994 αт 12:56 oÉ´ α тυeѕdαy ιɴ loÉ´doÉ´, oɴтαrιo'ѕ ѕт jυde'ѕ нoѕpιтαl oÉ´ тнe 2É´d ғloor ιɴ rooм 126, dereĸ вιeвer wαѕ вorÉ (MORE)

Birth dates of actors in Big Time Rush?

Kendall: November 2, 1990 - age 21 James: July 16, 1990 - age 21 Carlos: August 15, 1989 - age 22 Logan: September 14, 1998 - age 22 Katie (Ciara Bravo): March 18, 1997 - age 14 Mrs. Knight (Challen Cates): January 26, 1966 - age 45 Gustavo (Stephen Kramer Glickman): March 17, 1979 - ag (MORE)

Did it snow at the time of Jesus birth?

No. Matter of fact is, jesus was born on the 9th month of the year, it is written, but pagans have destroyed the truth. The truth is being told however, by Jehovahs witnesses. (psalms 83.18)

Does birth control affect future fertility?

There are no birth control methods with long-term effects on the ability to get pregnant in the future. The biggest threat to future fertility is sexually transmissible infections. If you are serious about wanting to protect your ability to have children in the future, get tested regularly for chlam (MORE)

What is a 1003?

A 1003 is a "Uniform Residential Mortgage Application". This is the application mortgage lenders will use when taking amortgage application from a borrower. The application covers manyaspects of the loan transaction. Examples of the information on a1003 are income, assets, credit identification inf (MORE)