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What is checks and balences?

When a branch of the government checks on eachother to make sure one dose not have too much power. All must be equal.

What is an ISA account?

ISA is the abbreviation for 'Individual Savings Account'. It is an account in which you earn interest on the amount deposited, like a normal bank account, with the important difference that the interest is not taxed. This type of account was created by the government to encourage people to save (MORE)

What is a diet?

A diet is a particular selection of food eaten that is meant to improve your weight, blood pressure, or any other health problems or concerns. Different diets explain how often to eat, when to eat, how much to eat, and so on.

What isa disease?

A disorder of structure or function in a human, animal, or plant, esp. one that produces specific signs or symptoms or that affects a specific location and is not simply a direct result of physical injury.

What can diets do?

diets help you not to be fat and you can look better than you did before.if you dont have healthy foods you can have alsheimer. . diets help you not to be fat and you can look better than you did before.if you dont have healthy foods you can have alsheimer.

How do you do a diet?

A diet is a serious decision concerning your body. A diet does not mean to reduce the amount of food you eat;but in fact if you want to lose weight, you must be conscious of what you eat ; that is you must avoid pastries, oily foods ,sweets and lots more. Remember to have a good healthy breakfast wh (MORE)

Is there a diet out there for you?

Unless a person is physically unable to move about easily, or for medical reasons unable to eat what's considered a normal, balanced way of eating, then the diet for you is the same as for everyone else: eat well and take exercise. If you believe you are overweight, simply review what and when you (MORE)

What is ISA slot?

An ISA slot is an early type of expansion slot used to connect peripheral cards to a computer's motherboard. ISA stands for Industry Standard Architecture. The original ISA bus slot was 8-bit to coincide with the 8-bit data width of the Intel 8088 processor. In 1984, when the 80286 was introduced, t (MORE)

What is a Cash ISA?

A cash ISA is somewhere you can keep your savings if you pay taxes.The interest earned on a cash ISA is 100 percent tax-free, asopposed to a normal savings account.

How can you do diet?

It actually depends on your reason to diet. If you are excess fat, and that's why you want to diet to get thinner, then there is different way of dieting for it. If you are a little above medium and yet want to diet to get thin, there is another way for it. But what i suggest is...having a healthy (MORE)

What is a triple balence beam?

These are weighing instruments that have 3 (triple) scales instead of only 1 which makes them very sensitive and rather accurate. Look up 'Triple Beam Balance' or 'Beam Balance' triple.

Check and balences?

Checks and Balances are a thing in the government that are used to make sure that power is distributed equally and that there aren't any mistakes.

What is balence?

The balance is the difference between the totals of the credit and debit sides of a financial account.

What does ISA mean?

ISA stands for Individual Savings Account. Its an instrument to invest in tax saving plans for UK citizens. There is a maximum limit set by FSA on the investment one can make under this plan.

What do you do on a diet?

On a diet people usually only eat certain foods and cut out certain foods depending on the diet. They usually stay within a certain calorie range. And usually excercise. These things tend to vary depending on the diet. It is suggested to talk to your doctor before going on a diet.

Why do you have a diet?

That depends on what type of diet you mean. There are many types of diet. Some diets treat a disease or condition. Other diets are for optimum health. Others diets are for weight loss or weight gain. For example, there is a diabetic diet, diverticulitis diet, irritable bowel diet, Crohn's disease di (MORE)

What is ISA project?

i science practical, where you do an experiment, record results, and then sit an exam based on the isa

What was the purpose of the checks and balences?

I It still applies. 'Check' in this context means 'Stop' so you might have a rule that any sale over £1000 had to be approved by the Sales Manager. This would reduce the risk that an inexperienced salesman might sell to someone who is unlikely to pay the bill. 'Balances' could be something like s (MORE)

What can you do to get into a diet?

You need to motivate yourself on a daily bases. Work out a plan of eating and exercise. Stick to it every day. Look to the future and think how much better you will feel. Let that be your motivation on a daily bases.

What is an ISA card?

An ISA card is an expansion card that connects to a computer via an ISA expansion slot. They were introduced on the original IBM PC in 1981, and phased out of most desktop systems entirely by 2000.

What does ISA stand for?

ISA can stand for:. Industry Standard Architecture - A computer bus used in the 80s and early 90s to add peripheral devices to a computer. . Individual Savings Account . Instruction Set Architecture - A specification of what instructions, pointers, registers, interrupts, and exceptions a co (MORE)

What does the term checks and balences mean?

The Us Government system, each branch has the right to check up on the others, and see if they are doing things right. it will split the government up, and ensures that no branch has too much power over the rest of the government Ie: the courts pass a bill, congress approves and passes the bill, it (MORE)

What isa eukaryotic?

A eukaryote (pronounced /juːˈkæriɒt/ or /juːˈkærioʊt/) is an organism whose cells contain complex structures enclosed within membranes. Most living organisms, including all animals, plants, fungi, and protists, are eukaryotes. The defining membrane-bound structure that diff (MORE)

Why do you diet?

Most people diet to cut out all the bad things they are eating. Too much sugar, fat, junk food, fast food. Dieting allows us to stay at our optimal weight. To stay healthy and fit. Dieting along with exercise allows us to live a longer healthier and happier life. Diet has a few meanings. It can be a (MORE)

How can you do a diet?

Cut down the sugar. No potato chips, nothing of that manor. First thing. Eat a small piece of protein each night. Run a mile everyday. Do 100 push ups and sit-ups in sets of 25. Drink lots of water. Fast at night. I know its not easy but it hast to be done. After 8 o'clock don't eat anything. Only w (MORE)

What is ISA of Malaysia?

The Internal Security Act 1960 ( ISA ) is a preventive detention law in force in Malaysia. The legislation was enacted by Malaysian politicians after the country gained independence from Britain in 1957. In essence, it allows for the arrest of any person without the need for trial in certain defin (MORE)

What are isa devices?

ISA devices are [in computing terms] Industry Standard Architecturedevices. It is a hardware standard that is/was used in IBM personalcomputers and their compatibles.

What isa spam?

E-mail that is not requested. Also called "junk e-mail," "gray mail," "unsolicited commercial e-mail" (UCE) and "unsolicited bulk e-mail" (UBE), the term is both a noun (the e-mail message) and a verb (to send it). Spam is mostly used to advertise products and sometimes to broadcast political or soc (MORE)

What were the miracles of Hazrat Isa?

Miracles of Prophet Isa \n The Prophet Isa (PBUH) was handsome and dignified. When he had attained the age of thirty years, he began to preach the religion of Allah .\nMost of the people were not convinced and thus he was exposed to \nridicules. The Prophet Isa (PBUH) entreated Allah to grant him (MORE)

What is sir Isa newton?

he was a scientist who was born on Xmas day and died march 20th 1727th . when he was born he was very small and had no problem. he discovered gravity when he saw an apple fall to the ground. and that is who was. i hope i answered you question.

How far is Mount Isa to Katherine?

From Mount Isa in western Queensland to Katherine in the NorthernTerritory is a distance of 1290km. Estimated travel time, withoutbreaks, is over 14 hours.

Checks and balences?

checks and balances are a system that gives each branch of government diffrent powers so that each branch can check the authority of the others

What are balenced forces?

Forces acting on a point such that it gives a null vector by vector addition law, then such type of forces are called balanced forces.

What does balenced force mean?

it means like...... take a pen and put it in your hand you might not feel this but your hand is pushing against the pen if you keep the pen in the same place the forces are balanced but if you raise the pen the forces are unbalanced

What is the balenced equation for photosynthesis?

Carbon Dioxide +water light Glucose + Oxygen === That means that the carbon dioxide and the water, with help from the light go through a chemical change making Glucose the plants food and oxygen a bi product which plants also breath at night. Is this what you meant?

What isa crush?

A crush is a small bword that has a HUGE menaing to must teens, boys and girls. Most teenagers begin their romantic lives with a series of crushes. Crushes are sort of easy entry-ways into the world of strong emotions and relationships, without having much of the scary risk involved in really dat (MORE)

What is isa Hotmail?

"Hotmail" is a website used to check email. You can set up accounts using Hotmail to send and receive emails. For example: If i were to set up an email account using Hotmail (Which i do have BTW), my email address could be JohnSmith@hotmail.com

Is Isa alive?

Yes Isa (A.S) is alive as in a mortal. He is currently in Jannat and will come back to the mortal world in the last 40 days before Qiyaamah. There he will defeat the Dajjal. Then he will get married then after that he will die.

What is the acronym for ISA?

. ISA . Internet Security and Acceleration (Microsoft firewall and cache server). . ISA . Is A (entity hierarchy in extended entity-relationship data model) . . ISA . Instruction Set Architecture . . ISA . Individual Savings Account (UK) . . ISA . Internal Security Act . . ISA . Industry (MORE)

How do balenced forces affect the speed of an object?

If all of the forces on an object are balanced, then their net effect on the object is the same as if there were no force on it at all. Under those circumstances, its acceleration is zero, meaning that its speed and direction of motion do not change.

What is positive energy balence?

\n. Positive energy balance means that you are consuming mre calories than you burn. It is good if you are tyring to gain weight.

What isa ratio?

As for example 15 and 9 can be reduced to a ratio of 5 and 3