What it means with 'cold rice and cold tea are bearable but cold words and cold face are not?

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What is cold?

A cold is when you get a runny nose and you fall under the weather.

Why do I have a cold?

Yeah, someone is sure to reply and tell you exactly what you did to make you have a cold. Haha, think a bit more logically next time.

What do you do if you have a cold?

If you can, try to stay away from people in order to prevent the spread of germs. If you must go outside, please practice precautionary measures, such as using hand sanitizer

Why do you get a cold?

The common cold is a virus. When you are exposed to the virus you get sick. If you are sick with a cold make sure to wash your hands frequently, don't cough or sneeze into you

What to do when you have a cold?

Stay home and sleep and drink as much as you can! Colds are highly contagious so that is why you stay home. The reason you drink is to ceep your mucus from stuffing your nose

How cold does it get?

Absolute Zero, -273.15°C (-459.67°F), is theoretically the lowest temperature possible in our universe. That is far colder than the lowest outdoors temperature record in

What do you do when you have a cold?

The answer: You stay home from public so you don't spread it to others. You wash your hands often, use tissues when you cough or sneeze, rest in bed, drink plenty of fluids

What can I do about my cold?

You know the drill: Rest and plenty of fluids. Beyond that, antihistamines and decongestants can be a help for symptomatic relief, though they only offer symptomatic relief, b