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How do you get a cold?

you can only get a cold from viruses. you can get sick by sitting next someone who is ill or drink someone Else's drink

What is the meaning of cold in Cold War?

The meaning of Cold in Cold War is simply that they call it the cold war because there was no fighting between the U.S's military and the Soviet millitary. Sometimes people will ask, "what if the cold war had turned hot?" that simply means "What would have happend if the U.S. and the U.S.S.R had actually fought each other?'

What is out cold?

Answer . Knocked out, ko ( knocked out ), fainted, fast asleep, blacked out.. Answer . Unconcious. dead, went to sleep fast, not easy to wake. out for good. Answer . Usually a expression meaning passed out, either from being knocked out or drinking too much. Some can be out cold for being a heavy sleeper or from plain exhaustion.. Out cold . Unconsius, how ever you spell it.

How cold is cold?

Generally, anything cooler than ambient body temperature (98.6 Degrees Fahrenheit) can be perceived as cold.

What is cold?

A cold is when you get a runny nose and you fall under the weather.

Why do I have a cold?

Yeah, someone is sure to reply and tell you exactly what you did to make you have a cold. Haha, think a bit more logically next time.

How cold is a cold pack?

An ice pack or gel pack is a plastic sac of ice , refrigerant gel or liquid, or, in an emergency, even frozen vegetables. The refrigerant, usually non-toxic , can absorb a considerable amount of heat, since its enthalpy of fusion is high. It is commonly used as a cold compress to alleviate the pain of minor injuries or in coolers or insulated shipping containers to keep products cool during transport. The simplest type of ice pack is simply a sack, bag or towel filled with cubed or crushed ice. Ice packs are used in coolers to keep perishable foods (especially meats, dairy products, eggs, etc.) below the 41-165 °F (5-74 °C) danger zone when outside a refrigerator or freezer. If the foods and the ice packs are placed in a cooler directly from the freezer, then the equivalent of 10 to 20 pounds of ice is needed for each 24 hour period. [ citation needed ] If the foods start off warmer (for example, non-frozen food from a refrigerator), they will not be able to remain safely cool for as long. Water (ice) has an unusually high enthalpy of fusion and a convenient melting temperature (one accessible by household freezers). However it isn't ideal for ice packs for various reasons, so additives to improve the properties of water are often used. For example, substances can be added to prevent bacterial growth in the pack, as can additives that cause the water to remain a thick gel throughout use, instead of transitioning between a solid and a free-flowing liquid like plain water. These gel packs are often made of non-toxic materials that will not liquefy, and therefore will not spill easily or cause contamination if the container breaks. Gel packs may be made by adding hydroxyethyl cellulose (Cellusize) [1] [2] or vinyl -coated silica gel . [3] These gel packs, as with ice itself, are chilled before use. The gel-pack or water is placed in a freezer or other cooling system to lower its temperature, and then it is used to keep other items cool. Ice packs are effectively a device for storing cooling capacity. Instant cold packs use an endothermic reaction to cool down quickly. These types of ice packs are stored at room temperature rather than needing to be physically cooled before use. When one breaks a tube inside the pack, two chemicals mix or react and absorb enough energy to produce a cooling effect. Common types include solid ammonium nitrate dissolving in water. [4] [5] The first hot and cold pack was introduced in 1948 with the name Hot-R-Cold-Pak and could be chilled in a refrigerator or heated in hot water. [6] The first reusable hot cold pack that could be heated in boiling water or heated in a microwave was first patented [7] by Jacob Spencer of Nortech Labs in 1973 (Patent No. 3,780,537). Reusable hot cold packs differ from instant cold packs in that they can be either frozen or microwaved.

Can a cold shower give you a cold?

no only a virus can do that. some people believed that cold lowered your immune system but there is no scientific evidence to support this.

Why does your body feel cold when you have a cold?

The flu that makes you hot because flu typically causes a rise in body temperature. Colds make you feel cold because the blood flow is diverted from the skin to the respiratory tract to help fight the cold viral infection.

Is iced tea just cold tea?

Numerous individuals will make their ice tea in a substantial pitcher subsequent to heating up the water to make the tea. At that point they include their fixings, ice, sugar, lemon and whatever else they like and after that mix.

Does cold medicine kill the cold?

No. Cold medications make the symptoms less bothersome but can do nothing to actually cure a cold.

How cold is a cold desert?

During the winter- pretty cold (-40°) during a hot summer daypretty hot: 50° C. Antarctica, the largest cold desert, can have temperatures thatplunge to more than minus 100 degrees F.

Why does the water from your cold faucet not get cold?

It depends on where it's coming from. There is no cooling system connected to most cold water taps, so the temperature never drops below that of the source.

What teas are best for someone that has a bad cold?

Anything high in Vit. C - Rosehip is my personal favourite, add natural honey to it as a sweetener. The honey is very good for your throat.

Words that mean cold?

Cold has many synonyms. Bitter, freezing, frosty, brisk, icy,glacial, Goosebumps, chilly, chill, crisp, cool, arctic, shiver,and many more can be used in the place of the word cold.

Why does a cup of tea go cold?

A good cup of tea is made with boiling water (212 F).. If you don't let it cool it will burn your mouth.

What word means substances that keep warm things warm and cold things cold?

Things which keep warm things warm and cold things cold are referred to as insulators.

Why does tea go cold?

Tea gos cold in many ways one way is conduction this causes heat to be passed and spread along the cup this takes heat with it at the same time, another way is convection this is because hotter air is less dense so is at the top of the cup but is cold at the bottom of the cup, one other way is radiation this radiates heat taking heat with it, the final one is evaporation because the liquid has turned into a gas and then it rises due to the fact it has less density so rises it then takes heat with it.

Does cold rice have bacteria in it?

It depends how long it was left at room temperature before being refrigerated. It is, surprisingly, a food with a high risk of carrying food poisoning bacteria, as it can hold the bacteria at slightly-higher-than-room-temperature (their optimum breeding temperature) for longer than many other foods. Once cooled, the bacteria are still there.

What do you do if you have a cold?

If you can, try to stay away from people in order to prevent the spread of germs. If you must go outside, please practice precautionary measures, such as using hand sanitizer after you rub your nose, eyes, mouth, etc. or sneezing/blowing your nose. Also, sneeze into a hankie, napkin, or tissue; if you don't have one, use the sleeve of your shirt. Sounds gross, but it's for everyone else's protection. As far as home care, have some hot chicken noodle soup (or chicken rice soup, whichever you prefer, as long as it contains chicken meat). There is a chemical called cysteine that will help you get decongested. If you have a cough, take Robitussin or other medication that will break up the mucus in your chest. NEVER take medication that holds back your cough completely. Feel better soon, and hope these tips help you out!

Why do you get a cold?

The common cold is a virus. When you are exposed to the virus you get sick. If you are sick with a cold make sure to wash your hands frequently, don't cough or sneeze into your hands, and don't share drinks and food with other people.

What to do when you have a cold?

Stay home and sleep and drink as much as you can! Colds are highly contagious so that is why you stay home. The reason you drink is to ceep your mucus from stuffing your nose up and to keep your throat from getting dry. If you have a fever go to the Doctor for you might have an infection.

How cold does it get?

Absolute Zero, -273.15°C (-459.67°F), is theoretically the lowest temperature possible in our universe. That is far colder than the lowest outdoors temperature record in the US, which was -80 o F (about -62 o C) at Prospect Creek Camp, Alaska, on January 23, 1971.

If you get a cold sore when you have a cold does it mean you have herpes?

Yes, it does mean you have herpes simplex 1 or HSV-1. It shows up when you have a cold because your immune system is compromised.

Why does your face and head get cold when you sleep?

well this only happens when you have a rare disease called bucket head it is very bad and can be life threatening.

Why does your face turn pale when you are cold?

When you get cold the body routes blood away from the skin and into the core of the body instead. With less red blood in the skin it will look paler.

Is it better to drink tea hot or cold?

Hot, because hot tea ususally has better things in it that is best for you body and it doesn't have as much sugar as cold tea has. Make sure that no matter which one you drink that its caffeine free.

Could rice absorb cold water?

yes and warm water. it is good if you drop your phone in water if you put your phone in boiled white rice for 2 hours your phonell work again:)

What can you do to not get a cold?

Eat lots of stuff that contains Vitamin C, wear the right type of clothing when you go out in a cold day, and when you are outside for a while in the cold take a warm bath when you get home, but not too hot.

Why do you have cold after cold?

Sometimes it is just a matter of frequently being in places where there are viruses that cause the common cold. Around groups of young children and toddlers for example, where the common cold viruses are not only present but they are being smeared and spread all around the area and the young children are not yet able to understand the need for using proper cough and sneeze etiquette. If you are a smoker or are exposed to second hand smoke, that can cause the tissues in the respiratory system to be irritated and more easily breached by the viruses, resulting in more bouts of the cold viruses. You would probably have more frequent infections of all types and not just frequent colds if your immune system is deficient, but that could be a cause in some people and a work up by the physician and physical exam might be in order. If you do not practice good hand washing and always avoid having your fingers in or near your mouth (don't bite your nails), eyes or nose, then you could need to brush up on and be more diligent about protecting yourself. See the related questions below for more information.

Which planet has a face hot and a face cold?

Mercury, with almost no atmosphere, is also closest to the sun andhas the largest range of temperatures between the side facing thesun and the side facing away - a difference of about 600 K.

Is tea better for you cold or warm?

i would say warm because thigs could come into it and u could get sick if u drink it

How cold does it have to be?

It has to be at least -128.6 o F, and at most 136 o F.

What kind of tea helps colds?

There is a tea called "special tea" The ingredients are 1.Ginger 2. Lemon juice 3.Honey The Steps: 1.Fill up your teakettle and get it boiling. 2.Meanwhile, grate a one-inch piece of fresh ginger root 3.Get a thermos out 4.Put the ginger in the thermos 5.Put a dash of lemon juice in the thermos. A dash is about 4 tablespoons. Actually, it's less of a dash and more of a small splash 6.Add a dash of honey as well. A dash in this case is about three tablespoons. Hey, a dash means something different to all of us. Basically, add the honey to taste. 7.When your water is boiled, pour it in the thermos. 8.Cover it up and let it sit for 20 minutes. 9.Strain into a tea cup and enjoy!

What do you do when you have a cold?

The answer: You stay home from public so you don't spread it to others. You wash your hands often, use tissues when you cough or sneeze, rest in bed, drink plenty of fluids, monitor your temperature and use fever reducers if needed and according to the label directions. Keep up a healthy diet, perhaps use Vitamin C or Zinc supplements (see link below for newest information on Zinc treatment for the common cold) and wait until your body takes care of it for you. Take over the counter symptom relieving medicines for cough, sore throat, stuffiness (ask the pharmacist for help in selecting the products that are best for the symptoms you have.) Use lotion tissues (e.g., Puffs Plus) to keep your runny nose from being sore from the constant irritation of wiping and blowing it. Some common misinformed answers: . You go to the doctor and they give you antibiotics. This may happen, but it should not. A cold is caused by a virus. Antibiotics do nothing to help viral infections. You should avoid taking antibiotics if you don't have a bacterial infection because it can cause germs to become resistant to the antibiotics. (It has to do with germs in the environment becoming used to or able to protect themselves from that antibiotic over time if they are exposed short term to doses of antibiotics that are given for too short a time or given in low doses or overused). Don't badger your doctor to give them to you when you really don't need them (they know they shouldn't do this anyway, but sometimes give in to patient pressure). Unless antibiotics are prescribed to prevent or treat a secondary bacterial infection when you have a viral illness, there is no reason to take them since they do not kill viruses. . Don't spend a lot of time outside in the cold weather! This is true to keep you comfortable and to keep you away from other people outside so you don't spread the virus, but being cold does not cause or worsen a cold. . "Feed a cold and starve a fever" or "Feed a fever and starve a cold" These are neither correct. You need proper diet to keep your immune system functioning well. No infective illnesses are treated by starvation or reduced nutrition. Proper healthy diet should be maintained with any infective process or disease. Overeating is not healthy. Good advice whether you have a cold or not: . Get up to 7 or 8 minimum hours of sleep each day. . Eat some chicken noodle soup already! ("It 'coudent' hurt!") . Drink apple juice or orange juice. . Get regular exercise. . Reduce stress.

Can you get a cold in your face?

hi there... the answer is your face gets cold when you catch a cold. so when you. get a cold ur face feels cold 2.

Do rabbits get cold in a cold basement?

Rabbits can get sick from their environment but are more than likely to get sick from other reasons than the basement being cold. Drafts, dampness and poor air circulation would be more likely causes. Also if a rabbit is already carrying a cold germ it may be exacerbated by any of these conditions where if in a normal environment with good air circulation they would not exhibit any cold symptoms.

Why do you use cold water to make tea?

Some people prefer their tea cold, and you use hot water for hottea, and cold water for cold tea.

Can a cold sore be on your face by the mouth?

Cold sores are caused by a virus infection, and are located around the mouth, on the line between the lip and the face skin.

What can I do about my cold?

You know the drill: Rest and plenty of fluids. Beyond that, antihistamines and decongestants can be a help for symptomatic relief, though they only offer symptomatic relief, but that is a lot for some people. An old saying runs: "A cold lasts seven days with treatment. Without treatment, it lasts about a week. Yogi Berra said: "It ain't over till it's over". Yogi was right.

Is your feet cold or are your feet cold?

The correct way is ARE your feet cold. Since you are refering to the plural noun, feet :)

Are all cold deserts cold?

Not necessarily. Some cold deserts can get quite hot in the summer.A couple examples are the Great Basin Desert and the Gobi Desert.However, the winters in these deserts can get bitterly cold unlikehot deserts which usually remain quite pleasant in the winter.

What causes a cold sore on your face?

Cold Sores are normally caused by the Herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) through close contact with someone who has a cold sore. Sometimes cold sores are caused by herpes virus type 2 (HSV-2) as a result of having oral sex with someone who has genital herpes. You can't catch cold sores from cups, flannels or towels. Common triggers include: . Illnesses, such as colds and flu . Menstrual periods . Emotional upset . Fatigue . Bright sunlight . Cold winds

What other words have the same meaning as cold?

Freezing, snowy, frosty im not very good at making up words + i made up this question hahahahahaha

What happens when you use cold water for tea?

Unless you bought 'cold brew' tea, then you have to heat it. You can make 'sun tea and leave it out in direct sun in cold water, and let the sun heat the water and make the tea, without heat, tea in cold water will make very mildly tea flavored water.

What does it mean when a guy looks at you with an innocebt face when you say your cold?

He wants to warm you up... In a sexual way... Or maybe he just likes you x

Can you get a cold when its cold?

That is when you usually catch cold, during cold weather. The body's metabolism is geared toward warmth and the immune system may be lower. At the same time, you are exposed to more airborne viruses because more people spend more time indoors, and because the air is not as frequently exchanged for outside air.

Can you catch a cold if you are not in the cold?

Yes, because being in the cold does not cause a cold. Viruses cause the common cold. See the related question below for more information about this disproved old belief that cold or wet makes you sick with a cold.

How cold does a cold desert get in the winter?

The Antarctic Desert has measured a temperature of about -129 degrees F and that is the coldest temperature ever recorded in a cold desert.

What is the meaning of hold food cold or cold holding?

To hold food cold is a somewhat awkward way of saying to keep food cold, or in other words, if the food is refrigerated, you are not letting it warm up to room temperature, but maintaining the reduced temperature.