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What jobs can a 14-year-old get in Memphis?

Child labor laws prevents employers from hiring a person younger than 16, but a 14 year old can mow lawns, walk/feed pets, babysit, do chores for people, get a paper route. A (MORE)

Who hires 16 year olds?

Some grocery/supermarket stores hire 16 year olds. Often there are child appropriate stores in malls that look for younger hires to be kid friendly. Check at Claire's for exam (MORE)

Where is the website that hires 16 year old teens for online jobs?

You'll need to understand first that there are a lot of obstacles discouraging employers from hiring teens. Additionally many online sites wont accept your application if you (MORE)
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Jobs for 14 year olds in Memphis?

Most jobs require that a person be at least 16 years old. You will  have to call around in Memphis to see what companies allow a 14  year old to work. You may be able to fin (MORE)