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Jobs that hiring from ages 16 and up?

Some of the jobs that hire ages 16 and above include waiters andcashiers in the fast food restaurants. Other jobs include lawnmowing, baby sitting, and movie theater attenders (MORE)
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What jobs hire in the Bronx at age 16?

Any shoe store (Footlocker), or clothing store (Hollister, Aeropostale,etc). You also can try neighborhood stores, grocery stores, or any family run business(you have more c (MORE)
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Jobs in Cleveland hiring at 16?

Yes, many places hire at 16. The problem is that their is such a small amount of jobs in Cleveland, that people who have a better education or more job experience will most li (MORE)
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Are job hiring at the age of 15?

The requirements to get a job are not based on age where I come. Just a basic understanding of sentence structure. Although, I am an English tutor so your experiences may diff (MORE)

What jobs hire 16 year olds?

Teenagers older than 16 can often find jobs in the hospitalityservices. Waiters, hosts, cashiers, and baby-sitters are examplesof this type of job.
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What jobs are hiring at the age of 11?

Paper rounds . Charity round ups . Babysitting . Mow peoples lawns . Washing . Cleaning . Doing jobs for disabled/ elderly people . Hope you enjoy!