What kind of species are affected by colic?

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What is colic?

This is very bad pain in the abdominal area caused by spasm, obstruction or twisting of the digestive tract.. For further reading: http://www.fussybaby.ca/what-is-colic.html.

What kind of pollution affects the amphibians specie?

Since amphibians live both in and out of water, pollutants are a big hazard. In the water, amphibians must be careful of trash (some trash looks like their prey ie: small ball

How does extinction of species affect ecosytem?

Say that a big predator goes extinct. Then all of its prey will have a golden age of population surges. If the former prey is a herbivore, the plants it eats will be mowed dow

How does fragmentation affect interior species?

As fragmentation occurs, the interior area of the patch decreases. This results in a reduced habitat area for interior species. Thus, interior species experience a reduction i

How do Invasive Species affect an ecosystem?

Invasive species usually have no natural predator or they are much more successful then the native life so they take over that food source often ruining the order of the ecosy

How are species affected by forest fires?

A certain species (of animals or plants) may live only in that forest and if it burns down they are killed or have no where to live. Or a certain animal species's food supply