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What kind of body support do fish have?

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What kind of body covering does a star fish have?

Star fish are a 'echinoderms' (which, from the Greek, means "spiny skin"). The skin encloses the animals skeleton which is composed of calcareous plates or ossicles through an

What kind of fish can you put with a beta fish?

You can only keep a snail with a beta depending on the size of your tank. A snail needs at least 2.5 gallon to live in. I heard people say that Neons and Zebra Danio are a goo

What kind of fish can be put with the betta fish?

If your tank is large enough, some types of fish can live with a betta, but not another male or female betta because they will fight with a male and kill a female. If your be

What kind of fish clean the fish tanks?

There are many different aquarium animals that will clean algae off the walls of your aquarium. I will name a few: Cories, Plecostomus (AKA, Pleco) and more. There are some al

What kind of fish can you keep in a fish bowl?

You can put any fish that will fit into a bowl inside of one, but keeping is another matter. Much as it's potentially possible to keep a dog alive for a while inside of a clos

What body system supports the body?

The skeletal system. Its Skeletal For A+

What kind of fish is a steelhead fish?

The only "Steelhead" I am aware of is the Steelhead trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss). It is also called the Rainbow trout. They are a great sportfish and good eating. Salmon

What kind of fish can mix with koi fish?

Similar sized goldfish and their variants (golden orfe, etc) should be okay as should other carp species and tench. Just make sure all the fish are getting their share of food
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What kind of fish eat other fish?

Essentially all fish eat smaller fish, except for the real tiny ones that eat plankton and bacteria. There is no specific name for fish which eat other fish. Fish (or any o