What kind of bombs did terrorists use?

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What kind of bombs did they use at the bombing of pearl harbor?

Some historians believe that some of the armor piercing bombs dropped by the VAL dive bombers may have been converted Japanese battleship "armor piercing" 16 inch shells. Othe

What kind of bomb was used in Japan?

Throughout the war, Japan was bombed with conventional bombs- high explosive and incendiary. Just before Japan surrendered, two Japanese cities were attacked with atomic bombs

Was the use of the Atom Bomb in Hiroshima during World War 2 a terrorist act?

The role of the bombings in Japan's surrender and the U.S.'s ethical justification for them remains the subject of scholarly and popular debate. The dropping of the bombs on H

Do terrorists have nuclear bombs?

No one knows for certain. However the fact that they have not yet tried to use them suggests that they probably don't, yet.
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Why do terrorist bomb?

well terrorists bomb because they believe it pleases Alla assuming that were talking about extreme Muslim's they think if they take their life in doing so there god will rewar
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What kinds of bombs were used in the blitz?

Many bombs but the most common were the V-1 and the V-2 bombs. . The V-1 & V-2 were not used in the blitz, they did not exist then. The blitz was at the beginning of WW2, f
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What kind of technology does a terrorist use?

The terrorists use the absolute latest technology, will even invent new technology to terrorize us. 9/11 is a good example. Americans believed that terrorists were someone liv