What kind of bombs did terrorists use?

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What kind of weapons were used to bomb Pearl Harbor?

The Japanese Navy utilized one the most important weapons of the Pacific Theater. The aircraft carrier group. The Japanese Aircraft Carrier group used a storm to hide their approach. When it was within aircraft range it launched torpedo planes and fighters. A couple of mini subs were also credited w ( Full Answer )

When talking about the so called dirty bomb what are various kinds of weapons and how likely is it that terrorists will be able to obtain a weapon which will have a devastating impact?

A dirty bomb is an explosive device designed to eject or spray radioactive material over a small area. It does not produce mass amounts of fallout compared to a traditional nuclear device, since there is no fission involved. A conventional explosive such as those used on Oklahoma City, Beirut or the ( Full Answer )

Is Dr Asaf Durakovic working to help bring Radical Muslim fascists Terrorists to the US and build uranium bombs?

That anyone should actually ask this question and post it on the web negates the last vestige of doubt i had that the CIA and homeland defense are actively engaging in COINTEL muckraking and smear campaigning of oppponents of the Bush administration and the military industrial complex.. The war was ( Full Answer )

What kinds of bombs were used during World War 2?

The majority of bombs used were conventional HE (High Explosive) containing explosives such as Amatol and Torpex. These underwent gradual evolution, especially on the Allied side, becoming much more reliable and also becoming more specialised; the GP (General Purpose) bombs used in the early stages ( Full Answer )

Why do terrorist hate the US?

Why don't you read what they have to say themselves? Osama bin Laden also stated why he hates the US in several declarations (fatwas). Bin Laden, in his 1996 fatwa (declaration) entitled "Declaration of War against the Americans Occupying the Land of the Two Holy Places," identified several gr ( Full Answer )

What kind of bombs were used in World War II?

High Explosive (HE) aka General Purpose (GP) Inciendiary (fire - magnesium or napalm) and Butterfly (antipersonnel), and the Atomic (Fission - 1-Uranium and 1-Plutonium) bombs

What kind of bombs did they use at the bombing of pearl harbor?

Some historians believe that some of the armor piercing bombs dropped by the VAL dive bombers may have been converted Japanese battleship "armor piercing" 16 inch shells. Otherwise, bombs dropped were conventional armor piercing and general purpose high explosive (HE), and then the real destroyers.. ( Full Answer )

Why did the terrorist bomb the Murrah Federal Building?

Timothy McVeigh wanted to relatiate against the government for their handling of the Waco and Ruby Ridge incidents. When he was in the military, he was already anti-government, and those incidents angered him even more. He philosophy was that he was doing something like the atomic bombs dropped on ( Full Answer )

Where will the next terrorist attack be in the US?

one things 4 sure..... theres gonna be another 1 :( it will probably be in a big city. Maybe New york City. because usually terrorists attack where many people are, such as when japan was attacked, Toyko was attacked. (A Big city in japan) Or it may be in Los Angelous, California or Las ( Full Answer )

Why terrorist plant bombs to kill innocent people?

Terrorist plant bombs to kill innocent people because it is an easyway for them to harm a large group of people at one time. They wantto instill fear in the people and hurt or kill as many people asthey can at one time.

Why do the Islamic terrorists hate the US?

Because they think that the land of Israel was stolen off the Muslim people who lived there, the Palestinians. They want the State of Israel to be wiped off the map, and the main thing that is stopping them doing this is that Israel is supported by the US.

What kind of bomb was used in Japan?

Throughout the war, Japan was bombed with conventional bombs- high explosive and incendiary. Just before Japan surrendered, two Japanese cities were attacked with atomic bombs. Both were fission type bombs, with different designs, and each pretty well destoyed the target cities ( reason that Japan s ( Full Answer )

What kind of weapons were used to bomb hiroshima and nagasaki?

The cities were destroyed by atomic bombs of two separate types and composition. Hiroshima was bombed by the United States Army Air Force on the 6th August 1945. The bomb was a gun-type Fission weapon codename "Little Boy" . It contained 60 Kg of uranium-235. It was released from the B-29 Enola ( Full Answer )

Was the use of the Atom Bomb in Hiroshima during World War 2 a terrorist act?

The role of the bombings in Japan's surrender and the U.S.'s ethical justification for them remains the subject of scholarly and popular debate. The dropping of the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki caused the Japanese to surrender. if they had not been dropped an invasion of the Japanese homeland wou ( Full Answer )

What kind of planes did the terrorists use during 911?

The airplanes that were used in the 9/11 attacks were passenger airplanes from United and American Airlines. I have flight numbers but am not finding the plane models. They are American Airlines 11 (North Tower), 77 (Pentagon), United 175 (South Tower) and 93 (Pennsylvania field). They were Boeing ( Full Answer )

What gun would a terrorist use?

well the stereotypical gun of terrorists is the AK-47 but it can range from virtually any gun depending on the amount of capital at the terrorists disposal.

Do terrorists have nuclear bombs?

No one knows for certain. However the fact that they have not yet tried to use them suggests that they probably don't, yet.

Why are Islamic terrorists bombing suicidal?

Terrorists are terrorists, who knwos their motive whether their Islamic, Jewish or Christian terrorists, one things for sure they are a disgrace.

Why do terrorist bomb?

well terrorists bomb because they believe it pleases Alla assuming that were talking about extreme Muslim's they think if they take their life in doing so there god will reward you with 40 virgins .their aim is to kill people that don't believe in their god.

What kinds of bombs were used in the blitz?

Many bombs but the most common were the V-1 and the V-2 bombs. . The V-1 & V-2 were not used in the blitz, they did not exist then. The blitz was at the beginning of WW2, from 1940 until Hitler turned on Russia in 1942. The V-1 & V-2 were not available until Germany was already beginning to lose ( Full Answer )

Should the US trade with terrorist?

Yes. The United States should trade badly need supplies like food, water, and equipment in return for un-secured nuclear materials. Right now.

What kind of bomb was the atom bomb?

There first ones were Uranium gun assembly fission andPlutonium implosion assembly fission types. Then came theHydrogen radiation transport driven implosion thermonuclear bomb. There are now many additional types including fusion boostedfission bombs, enhanced fallout and reducedfallout ( Full Answer )

Are terrorists in the US?

Possibly, yes they are hidden like in 9/11 they attacked America they stay put until given orders atleast that's what I think.

What kind of technology does a terrorist use?

The terrorists use the absolute latest technology, will even invent new technology to terrorize us. 9/11 is a good example. Americans believed that terrorists were someone living abroad and they did not have the capability to strike in America. Underestimating the creativity and ingenuity of a mad ( Full Answer )

What is the use of terrorists?

the use of terrorists is that, if there are no terrorists then there will be no job for police and army

Why did the terrorists bomb Bali?

An audio-cassette purportedly carrying a recorded voice message from Osama Bin Laden stated that the Bali bombings were in direct retaliation for support of the United States' war on terror and Australia's role in the liberation of East Timor. This attack was claimed as the deadliest act of terroris ( Full Answer )

Why do terrorist use violence?

For the same reason the military and governments use violence - to achieve their objectives.

Why do Islamic terrorists attack the US?

Answer 1 People think you are supposed to kill. but thats what islam says.in islam it is a sin to kill. Answer 2 The mission of a number of Islamic Terrorist groups is to bringabout the Fall of the West and the Islamicization (both culturaland religious) of Western Nations. Islamic terrorist org ( Full Answer )

Why do terrorists want to attack the US?

Terrorists don't necessarily want to attack the U.S. They are just people who want to promote a say in their perspective by causing havoc. If you are referring to the Middle East era, then the case is that terrorits are currently attacking all over the world in order to promote to the world that the ( Full Answer )

What kinds of bombs are there?

Smoke bomb Tear bomb Hydrogen bomb Nuclear bomb Water bomb Atomic bomb Fire bomb Grenade Dynamite Poison gas bomb Acid bomb Flare bomb Spark bomb Fireworks Stink bomb

What type of weapons do terrorists use?

Terrorists use all sorts of weapons in attacks. A tried and truefavorite of terrorists are bombs, guns, and knives. These are alsothe tried and true favorites of every army.