What kind of camera do you recommend that will be able to weather humidity all day long in the jungles and not effect the camera being wet all the time?

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Where can you find pictures of all the different kinds of cameras?

Pictures of the cameras themselves, or pictures that were taken from the camera? If it is pictures of the cameras themselves, Google Images works fine. For pictures that were taken from the camera, go to Flickr and type in the camera model to see its pictures.

Which digital camera do you recommend for my sister?

I have canon sd950 and can recommend the same digital camera for your sister, because i think that it is really wonderful invention :). it has 12.1mp, 3.7x optical zoom and its price is very affordable. P.S it is very beautiful, has a great titanium body

What digital SLR camera is recommended and why?

If the camera is for professional purposes or you are skilled on single lens reflex cameras, I recommend the Nikon D 200 or similar. I am a professional photographer and I use Nikon D 200, Olympus E-3 and Fuji S-3 Pro. Believe me, Nikon is the best choice.

Recommended camera for wedding photography?

If you're going to shoot professionally, I definitely recommend the Canon 5D Mark II. Not only does it have amazing resolution, and every feature that you would want for wedding photography, it also has HD Video capability! Answer I use Nikon, and I think Nikon is easier to catch the moment because of Nikon's auto focus. I like Nikon

Do all Canon Cameras have color accent?

not all canons have color accent. it would be best to go to canon web site choose the camera that you like and check it's specs

Is a river wet all the time?

Not necessarily. If a drought strikes the location of a river and evaporation consumes all liquid from the banks, you would still call the river a river. Only its dry. If the water level is down to a trickle, you could say it's not wet, but just a damp river.

Would someone recommend a resonable priced digital camera mine eats batteries makes no difference what kind factory ect It will not last long you have a Kodak C340?

Your best bet is to use rechargeable batteries. All digital cameras will eat up regular batteries in minutes but rechargeables will last for hundreads of photos in most cameras. The initial high cost is more than worth it since good quality rechargeables will recharge as much as 1000 times.

Why do wet clothes take long time to dry on a humid day?

Things remain damp and wet, and take longer time to dry when the atmosphere around them is damp and wet. Humidity is the amount of moisture or water vapour present in air at any moment in time. On a humid day, the air is full of water vapour. As the air gets warmer, its capacity to hold the water vapour increases. As a result, conditions become more and more humid. Hence, wet clothes take longer time to dry on a humid day.

Why is the weather humid and wet in the rain forest?

its wet because most rain forests live on the equator were its mostly sunny and not usually winter

What kind of forest is hot and humid nearly all the time?

Most of the world's rainforests lie close to the equator. Becauseof this, the forest temperatures generally range from 70 to 90degrees year round. And, it is rare for a rainforest to drop below75 percent humidity.

What are all the sicknesses from being cold or wet?

None, you can only get sick from a virus, being cold (or being cold because you're wet) can only decrease your immunity to the virus.

Do slr lenses fit all cameras?

Generally, no. Each manufacturer has proprietary mounts for their lenses and, for example, Nikon lenses will not fit a Canon and so on. There are aftermarket lenses made to fit various cameras, but you need to specify the make and even sometimes the model of the camera in order to get a mount that fits.

Are all cameras USB the same?

If they really are USBs, then yes. However, some makes and models use a cable that's similar, but notthe same as an USB.

When using a hidden camera does the receiver have to be plugged into the TV all the time?

It can be plugged into a video recorder or DVR (depending on the kind of camera) but there has to be something to receive the signal.

How does humidity effect daily weather?

This is a short but accurate answer. Humidity can get moredense which forms little water droplets. These water droplets cometogether and from clouds. Under the right weather conditions theclouds can form big rain droplets wich causesprecipitation.

What are do all cameras have in common?

All cameras share these general characteristics:. A light-tight box to contain a photo-sensitive medium. A medium sensitive to light and capable of reacting to light in proportion to its variations in brightness. This can be photographic film, paper, or an electronic sensor such as a CCD.. A means of projecting an image onto the medium (usually a lens). Some means of controlling the time of exposure (shutter). Some means of controlling the overall brightness of the light reaching the medium (variable lens aperture). In many applications, but not all, some means of viewing the image to be captured.

Who invented the camera and what kind of camera was it?

The very primary camera obscura which was little and portable sufficient for practical use was made by sir Johann Zahn the year was 1685 and at that time it was not possible to save the images captured by these cameras but the only way was to trace them manually.

Do you recommend to turn on your AC all day?

Only when you need it. Running the ac compressor when you don't need the cold air is a waste of freon and wear and tear on the system.

Are all SLR cameras digital?

No, film single lens reflex (SLR) cameras exist, albeit obsolete. Currently all commercial single lens reflex cameras are digital, however, it may be possible to find a retailer or more likely, a private seller in possession of a functional film SLR camera.

Does Shoppers Drug Mart have a security room where they check the security cameras at all time?

no. majority of the time its 1 floorwalker working a 5-8hour shift. some have uniformed security, but as far as cameras...unless the manager is watching staff and happen to see you on it, not commonly used by security at SDM

What are all the brands on digital cameras?

some of them are Kodak, Canon, Fujifilm, Samsung, Jazz, Sony, Nikon, and there are many more. and for some Film Cameras Miranda, Sanyo, and all of the above but Jazz

Can all cameras be used on a tripod?

To my knowledge, yes, they do. All cameras that I've seen have the hole at the bottom that you screw onto the tripod, so I think all cameras can be used on a tripod (well, definitely all modern cameras).

Are there cameras on all iPod touches?

only 4th generation ipods in 2010 they cost about 180 pounds but ipod 3rd generations have all the same features ecxept for the camera but they do cost about 130 pounds

Where is all the cameras in the iCarly bear quest?

gym, 2nd floor bearville outfitters, recycling place, marketing place , and sunshine shores cave. the reward is a purple necklace.

Where are all the cameras on buildabear ville?

1.Gym 2.Market Place 3.Sunshine Shores 4.second floor of bearville outfiters 5. inside the recycling senter ☺ :) hope you like it

Do all cameras take batteries?

No, but most do today. For one thing or another. Even the least expensive disposable film camera will have a small battery for the built-in flash if it has one. Any cameras with electronics will need some kind of battery. But some cameras, even incredibly good ones, don't need any. They are considered "mechanical" only.

What is the make up of all cameras?

Lens - Something to let light in . Shutter - Something to control when the light comes in . "Film" - Something to capture the light on . Dark Box - Something to make sure only the light from the lens comes in The lens controls aperture , the shutter controls shutter speed , the "film" (film, image sensor, etc.) controls ISO , and the dark box keeps the "film" from being exposed to unwanted light.

What kind of cameras easy to use camera?

The Canon Powershot A3100 is both easy to use and an excellent choice for anyone on a budget. It has many presets that make input from the user minimal and produces high quality images every time. Being compact and lightweight it is the perfect go anywhere camera as well.

Do all cameras have scene mode?

No. Usually the camera will display on its packaging whether it has scene mode or not. If it doesn't say, then it probably doesn't have it.

How long should you keep your wet camera in rice?

it depends on how wet it is, and how your camera is designed. the concept is for the water to vaporize and be absorbed by the rice. they're may be some spots where the water cannot escape in vapor rendering it useless. just keep it in a hot area for as long as possible, but id use something other than rice to absorb the moisture. i put things in front of a window or some sort of glass enclosed area that takes in alot of sunlight. i first try to dry the device off as much as possible before doing this. if any power hits a wet component, it will damage the device so dont get too anxious to see if it works

Does humidity effect the weather?

Yes, the higher the humidity, the more chance of rain. 80-100% of humidity is rain.

What do you do when your camera gets wet?

You should wait until it dries, instead of turning it on as soon as you get it. Don't turn it on. Remove the batteries, and place the camera some place where it can dry out. On top a computer where the fan from the air gently blows nearby would be a fairly good place. Leave it there for a week. I have done this with iPods run through a washer with good success. Cameras, however, are much more complex. You may just be out of luck.

How do you get effects on my camera?

You may need to dounlaod it. If you have FACEBOOK there will be alot of programs that workds with cam that has effects.

What breed of horses can live out all the time in really wet cold weather?

Any horse can live out in really cold and wet weather as long as the horse is not clipped and with a natural coat, with blankets it is hard for a horse to regulate its body temperature when the blanket is removed in cold weather. Any and all breeds of horses will grow a thick winter coat to bare the cold weather.

If you deleted all your pictures or videos on your digital camera is their a way to see your cameras history?

the camera memory can be restored possibly, unless the card has been overwritten or securely wiped.

What do you do if all the pictures on your camera all erased on your computer?

It depends. Sometimes you can simply download them from your camera again. If not, try getting some undeletion software, but do not install it on the affected drive since you don't want to permanently lose your chances of recovery. If you cannot undelete from your computer, then try undeleting from your SD card. If the machine recognizes your camera as a hard drive, then try recovery software on that. If not, you could get a card reader and put your camera's SD card in it.

Do all iPod's have a camera on the front?

No. the Ipod Touch 4 gen. is the only iPod touch w/ a camera. But the iPod Nano 4 and 5 gen. also have one (note: not all iPod nano 4 gen. have a camera.) Im not so sure the iPod Nano 6 gen. has one, tho.

Do all Nintendo DS come with a camera?

No, only the DSi, and all the DS's afterwards come with cameras. The original DS and DS Lite came without.

Do all speed camera work?

the answer to your question is no because the consumers can make a fake speed camera

Why am I being recommended all of a sudden?

There are two reasons you might be getting recommended: one is that you were giving excellent answers and somebody noticed. But the other is that recently, there was a bug on the site that caused large numbers of "trust points" to get randomly generated. Perhaps you got some of them.

If weather moves west to east why isn't Los Angeles wet all the time since the weather blows in from the Pacific Ocean?

The waters of the coast of California are relatively cool. Air blowing over cool water doesn't pick up that much moisture.

Are all digital cameras considered to be point and shoot cameras?

Not all digital cameras are considered to be point and shoot cameras. However, most people do not consider themselves to be photographers, as most of us do not have the patience to use a camera of that caliber to try for the best picture we can. Most digital cameras auto focus and auto zoom for us, and so it does make things easier. To reiterate, not all digital cameras are point and shoot.

What are flip camera video recorders all about?

Flip camera video recorders are used for quick capture and portability. You can keep it in your pocket and when the moment is right you can quickly turn it on and capture right away. Most people have it because it can shoot in '1080p' right off the bat. It can also record audio as well.

What kind of camera is an SLR camera?

A single-lens reflex (SLR) camera is a camera that typically uses a mirror and prism system (hence "reflex", from the mirror's reflection) that permits the photographer to view through the lens and see exactly what will be captured, contrary to viewfinder cameras where the image could be significantly different from what will be captured.

Are hidden cameras legal in all states?

Hidden cameras are indeed effective in constantly monitoring activity, however it is illegal to obtain video surveillance of someone with the intent of using it for malicious purposes.

What kind of Sony lenses does Camera Labs recommend?

Camera Labs recommends a different lens depending on what type of pictures one is taking. The Sony Alpha lens should be used for general purpose pictures and low lighting photography. The recommend a telephoto lens for sports and a macro lens for close up photography. One when is taking pictures of landscapes or big objects they should use a wile-ablge lens.

What are the effects of a camera?

A camera takes a piece of your soul to create a picture of you. When observed, the image will remain still, but when left alone the person in the photograph will writhe in pain while it is tormented by the spirits of the undead.

What are the best wildlife cameras recommended?

There are many great wildlife cameras that are recommended for the keen photographer. These include cameras that are manufactured by Canon as well as Nikon.

What are the advantages of being able to buy a digital camera online?

The advantage of buying a digital camera online is that it can be delivered directly to your door. In addition, if you purchase the camera from a site such as Amazon, the customer service is legendary.

What are some advantages of being able to see an image right after you've taken it such as with an instant camera or being able to review the image on a digital camera?

The biggest advantage is being able to confirm that the picturequality is good while you still have the chance to try again ifit's not.