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What kind of camera do you recommend that will be able to weather humidity all day long in the jungles and not effect the camera being wet all the time?

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Are all cameras USB the same?

If they really are USBs, then yes.   However, some makes and models use a cable that's similar, but not  the same as an USB.

Are all SLR cameras digital?

No, film single lens reflex (SLR) cameras exist, albeit obsolete. Currently all commercial single lens reflex cameras are digital, however, it may be possible to find a retail

What are all the brands on digital cameras?

some of them are Kodak, Canon, Fujifilm, Samsung, Jazz, Sony, Nikon, and there are many more. and for some Film Cameras Miranda, Sanyo, and all of the above but Jazz

Do all cameras take batteries?

No, but most do today. For one thing or another. Even the least expensive disposable film camera will have a small battery for the built-in flash if it has one. Any cameras wi

Are all digital cameras considered to be point and shoot cameras?

Not all digital cameras are considered to be point and shoot cameras. However, most people do not consider themselves to be photographers, as most of us do not have the patien