What kind of materials were used to build this monuments the statue of liberty and the parthnon?

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What materials were used to make the statue of liberty?

it was made with iron frame and the shell was made of copper. the crown of the statue was made of pure iron and had 25 glass windown for people to view new york from. The stat

What was used to build the Statue of Liberty?

rubber steel plastic and concreat NEW EDIT The statue of liberty is made of a steel frame covered with copper. This copper is the outside. The copper was once brown, but ha

What kinds of materials did they use to create the monuments?

depending on which monument and which era and what country, mostly limestone is used for major monuments, slaked lime is also used for the cement to lay blocks of stone on. gr

When was the Statue of Liberty made as a monument?

The Statue of Liberty was given to the United States by France in 1886. It was not declared a national monument until 1924. The Statue of Liberty went through a major restorat