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What kind of political state did the tang rulers develop?

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How were the Ming emperors more powerful than the Tang and Song rulers?

The Ming, Tang, and Song Dynasties all had their difficult times.  But the Ming emperors tried to improve things like improving their  ships and their sailing skills. This h

Describe the development of the Chinese state and its political institutions?

Throughout the Qin and Han periods, the Chinese state bureaucracy expanded its powers significantly. By the end of the Han dynasty, China had roughly 130,000 bureaucrats all t

What kinds of political problems were the developments of bureaucracy in Han China meant to solve?

A difficult question to answer fully, the Han dynasty saw the reversal of a lot of the rather harsh reforms of the Qin dynasty, although some of these reversal were positive,
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What kind of government did Russian rulers develop?

The early rulers in Russia and then the Tsars after them created an autocratic type of government where their wishes were law. They also created the notion which continued thr