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What kind of proverb is life is like a wheel sometimes you are on top sometimes you are in the buttom?

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Why is life so hard sometimes?

We are living in the material world, rather than in our real home in the spiritual world. This world is impermanent and troublesome to material bodies, which are subject to bi

There is a guy and he looks at me sometime but not a lot but he kinds makes small talk and sometimes he is nice and mean does he like me?

It's a possibility, but unless you approach him it cannot be known. . If a guy likes a girl, he's shy, that's pretty much it. Now when he's shy he will do "small talk", gl

I like three guys and sometimes I don't like them and I kind of and then I hate them- is puberty killing me?

No it's just a confusing time. Puberty is when you change from child to adult and so lots of things are happening physically and mentally to your body and brain. Don't worry a

What kind of snakes are sometimes harmless?

  Garter snakes are common North American snakes that pose little threat to humans. The pattern on these snakes consists of one, two or three longitudinal stripes on the b

Why is life so cruel sometimes?

Life is cruel to everyone. Sometimes, it sucks. But we have all  just got to deal with it in a mature way and try not to get worked  up over it. Just remember,yes, life has

Why is life so unfair sometimes?

Look im 15-years-old and I feel that life is unfair all the time I have had a tough life im just a kid who wants to change the world who wants to make a difference and I get

Why do you feel like you give up on life sometimes?

Because you haven't yet mastered the process of finding a way to keep going. Several tips include: Take a walk outside and observe the birds, the landscape, the colours of th

Why are wings sometimes on top of the fuselage?

The higher profile wing is optimized for different missions. Often it is better for shorter range turboprop aircraft (propellers). Many military jets and props use the high wi