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What kind of proverb is life is like a wheel sometimes you are on top sometimes you are in the buttom?

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Are proteins sometimes called the blueprints of life?

Originally, in the early 1900's, they were. However, with genetics becoming more popular, they found out DNA was the actual blueprint of life. but, DNA codes to build proteins

What galaxies are sometimes shaped like footballs?

I think elliptical galaxies are the galaxies you are referring to. Scientist normally describe them as a flatted disk shape. These galaxies contain mainly older stars.

Why do the wheels of a moving car appear to rotate backwards sometimes?

Answer . Wheels appear to rotate backwards in movies because of what is called, 'strobe effect'. When filming, the camera actually takes a series of pictures. An example w

If a girl stares at you sometimes does it means she likes you?

Well, she could be interested but just a bit shy to talk to you. She's showing signs to invite you to talk to her! She might think you are a little odd but if she does it li

What kind of fermentation sometimes occurs in people?

lactic acid fermentation takes place in the humanbeings during  strenous exercise during which pyruvic acid is converted into  lactic acid and further lactic acid (during co

Why is life so unfair sometimes?

Look im 15-years-old and I feel that life is unfair all the time I have had a tough life im just a kid who wants to change the world who wants to make a difference and I get

Why is water sometimes a mineral and sometimes it is not?

A mineral is defined as a naturally occurring solid with a specific chemical formula and a crystalline structure. Ice (frozen water) fits this definition, liquid water does no

Front wheels shake at 50 mph sometimes Where is the problem?

\nTires out of balance, wheel bent, or both. Have the tires rotated and balanced, wheels inspected, and the front end alignment checked.

Why do you sometimes feel like you drop in your sleep?

When sleeping, the muscles in your arms and legs are actually paralyzed because if they weren't you would actually end up acting out all your dreams. You may feel like you're

Why does she sometimes act like she likes me and other times she doesn't?

well as a girl i have a good idea of this ahaha. there are a few reasons:     1. She's deciding if you're what she wants. It can be hard to decide if a guy's worthy

Why does my dog act like she doesn't like me sometimes?

Answer . I've got a white Bishon Frise that pulls that off on me too. She's spoiled and snotty! She will not do this until my husband comes home from work, but as soon a

Why does food sometimes taste like dirt?

There could be several reasons why this might be happening. A few of the more common reasons would be one of the following: 1. Many of the more "organic" labeled foods are t

Why is life so hard sometimes?

We are living in the material world, rather than in our real home in the spiritual world. This world is impermanent and troublesome to material bodies, which are subject to bi
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Why is DNA sometimes called the code of life?

The Blueprint of Life   Every cell in your body has the same "blueprint" or the same DNA. Like the blueprints of a house tell the builders how to construct a house, the DNA