What kind of training do police officers have to go through to become a police officer?

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they have to learn how to shoot and have to go through physical training they have to be strong and u have to learn about criminal justice
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How old do you have to be to become a police officer?

Answer There are states such as Florida who require you to be only 19. Of course, I think you should have to be older to have the responsibilities of a police officer. It varies from one state to another, but I would suggest that you have to be at least able to vote to be considered for that empoyment. If you are interested in becoming a Police officer.

What kind of education does it take to become a police officer?

Some larger agencies require college degrees, while some smaller ones only require high school degrees, and there are departments that like some college. Military experience is often looked upon as a plus. You must have a high school diploma or GED, and graduate from an accredited police academy. Many agencies have ride along programs you can participate in before you are 21. It would be helpful also to take Criminal Justice classes at your local college or university. People become police officers because sometimes they don't get such a good education. Even if they don't want to be a police officer sometimes you have to become on e if you can't find another job. You just don't become a police officer just like that, you have to do get an interview and you need to get good grades like B+ or higher. you need to get very good grades in gym. A police also requires running that's why you need to be good in gym

In police officer training do you get tasered?

Only if the department requires their officers to carry a tazer. If so, then yes, all officers must be tasered If you do get tazered, you should make sure you Have no muscle injuries or heart problems, as this could cause major problems to your health if tazered. If you were ever born with a heart murmur ot have muscle spasms do not get tazered. I hold a taser. There is High Medium Low voltage. in police training. Low voltage on a taser/tazer is Painful, But.. You will only have to do it for about a second then release. Being tased is one of the most painful way of dieing. You would most likely to die on high voltage.

Can you become a police officer with an conviction?

Answer . In Washington D.C. you can. They don't even care if you are a felon.

How do you answer 'why do you want to become a police officer'?

This question can be simply answered in a genuine manner. Simply tell the police oral board why you want to be a police officer. Use phrases from their mission statement or core values to show you prepared. To make your answer really stand out include a personal experience or story that inspired you. Mention any positive experiences you had with law enforcement. Many of us dedicate ourselves to the law enforcement profession because we want to help our fellow citizens and make our community a better place. This is a great place to tie in any charity work you do. There are answers to many police oral board questions at www.WinYourBadge.com along with proven strategies that will give you the advantage at your interview.

Where can a felon become a police officer?

Felons are not capable of becoming law enforcement officers in theUnited States, or most other countries. The rare exception is when the felon has their felony expunged, buteven then it's a slight chance.

What education and training is required to become a police officer?

Mostly its the same the world over. Powers of arrest, State laws and sometimes Federal laws, firearms and baton and equipment training (walkie-talkie). Computer and/ or typing. Special courses may come later. In Australia for some courses you have to go to part-time university. How to do lots of paperwork... its the killer... though much easier than it was. How to keep your nose clean. Common sense in everything and of course, compassion. Not every offender needs to be cuffed and carted away. In the U.S., you will need several years of college.

How do you become an animal police officer?

I think that you need Job training skills and Qualificatrions for the job. A right for animals and the abuse giving to the animal (that is very bad). Criminal justices

What is the cost of training a police officer?

Difficult to answer. This entirely depends on the size of the department and the length of their mandated training. Some smaller departments may require only a few weeks (although their training minimums are quite likely set by state law), other, larger one, require several months to half a year to train their officers, and officers are always subject to "in-service" training which can occur several times a year.

Do you have to go to college to become a police officer?

In most states, no. But in some states, they do require you to have some college credits. But you must graduate from high school to become a police officer.

What education and training are required to become a police officer?

A four year degree in criminal justice would do nicely. - - - - - - - - All States in the USA have what are called Police Officer Standards Tests. These tests are administered by the State's lead law enforcement agency. For Florida it is FDLE for Tennessee it is TBI and so forth. The tests are broken down into sections that are usually a day long. For example you will have one section on Police Procedure, one section on Criminal Law and so forth. Go to the International Association of Chief's of Police the Job Announcements list the requirements. Most agencies require at a minium a two year degree and three years of military or former police experience. Many require four year degrees. Go to the individual department. You cannot even sit for the test in most states unless you have completed a six month recognized police academy. Once you are out that is just the start. You will be required to complete a Field Training and Evaluation Program (FTEP) that is usually as rigourus as the academy, minus the physical training that you completed in areas like PT and DT. Good luck.., you will need it. - - - - - - - - Another View: If both the above contributors are active law enforcement officers, or are fortunate enough to live in a jurisdiction that is served by agencies who require such high standards of their applicants, they are in the minority. The vast majority of law enforcement agencies (Police and Sheriff's Departments) throughout the US require simply a high school education or GED equivelant to make application. After that the individual standards that must be met by the applicant are either the agency's own standards or are set by the state. The applicant will have to undergo both physical and mental evaluation, and attend a required training course or classes which, depending on the agency, can run up to 6 months in length. The successful graduate will then undergo a minimum of a one year probationary period during which their performance of duty and fitness for the work will be evaluated and from which they can be terminated without appeal at any time. As with ANY occupation, the more education you have upon making application, the better you may fare during the job. Former military members (especially ex-military police) probably have 'an edge' in the process since they already are grounded in the basics of following orders in a regimented command system, and will usually fit well into a para-military environment such as a law enforcement agency.

Can you become a Police officer with a DUI?

Depends on the city, county, and state departments you are attempting (or going to attempt) to apply to. Example. Most departments in central Arizona require that you have no more than one DUI in your lifetime, which must be outside of anywhere from five to seven years prior to applying, and that's only if the DUI did not result in a violent accident.

Do you have to go through the police academy to become a police officer?

Certain states require a certain amount of Police Academy training. It all depends on where you will be doing your job. For instance, you'll likely need more training in the states of California or New York, as opposed to South Carolina or Iowa..

How do you become a police officer in Mississippi?

You get hired by a department who sends you to their police academy of choice or you attend one on your own, pass the state certification test and find a department that wants to hire you.

How long do you have to train to be a police officer?

(in the US) Every state has its own requirements so there is no way to specifically answer this question. As a general response - you can expect to spend anywhere from 3 to 6 months (or more) depending on the requirements of the state - followed usually by a 6 month to one year probationary period during which your training continues and your performance of duty is monitored and evaluated..

Can a Military Police officer become a police officer after service?

Of course an MP can become a civilian police officer after military service. He or she applies just as one without any police experience would apply. He or she will go through the police academy as a recruit the same way as those without experience.. They will find the training easier than a raw recruit but the training is substantianaly different than the military since it addresses civilian procedures and laws.

How do you become a riot police officer?

You first must become a Police Officer , then you can apply for Riot Control or S.W.A.T. Training if you wanted to

Is it easy to become a police officer?

no Added: There are physical, medical, mental, educational and mandatory background exams and personal interviews which you must successfully complete to even be considered eligible. THEN, you must successfully complete mandatory police "academy" training and (usually) a one year probationary period before you are considered fully certified.

How do you become an English police officer?

Well it varies on the Police force, but usually you apply for the required force, undergo a series of practical and theory examinations and then see whether you've been chosen. If you don't get in, you will probably have to wait another 12 months or so. If you have been lucky enough to of got into the Police, you will have to complete a 2 year probationary period. During this 2 year probationary period, you will work alongside another, more experienced Police officer and learn the work of being in the Police. After this probationary period who will have the opportunity to apply for a more experienced section of the Police, e.g Firearms Unit, Dog Unit, Underwater Unit, Mounted Unit, and many more. Hoped this helped.

Does a police officer need a warrant to go through your car?

some times. usually he will will ask your permission. if you say no and he isn't suspicious he will be fine with it. in some county's he can impound your car on suspicion and then get a warrant and search it and you pay the impound fees. if you have nothing to hide let him search it. if you feel its violating your rights tell him or he will think your hiding something. I spell checked your answer. A police officer MAY search your vehicle without a warrant if he has "probable cause". Meaning that if he suspects that you are doing something illegal, carrying something illegal or your passengers are doing something illegal, he can search the car without a warrant. If he rolls up on you and stops you for a tail light being out and when he comes up to the vehicle, he sees smoke and smells marijuana, he has the legal right to search the vehicle because he has probable cause that you or someone in your vehicle is in possession of Marijuana.

How long do police officer have to train for?

you have to go to uni first and get a degree, in law, and police studdies, then you have to set a test and pass, then you have to train for 5 years to become a police officer.

What tips are there for becoming a police officer?

Graduate High School/Attain GED . Attend college & acquire 40+ credits . Go on at least 1 police ride along . Learn a foreign language spoken in your area . Avoid drugs & alcohol . Be physically fit . Polish your reading/writing skills . Establish a clean criminal background and job history . Tour the police department and try to get to know the people who work there For more tips on becoming a police officer, visit http://www.policehow.com

How do you become an police officer?

The Physical fitness is more important for police officers while the officials select.You have to posses a height of 172cms and weight I am not sure it might be 70-80 .All these are for the post of subinspectors in india. If you want to get high posts in police you have to write upsc exams....I am just a student but I concelled with many police officers whenever i had a chance to met him...

How do you become military police officer?

You don't have to be an officer, you have to be at least 19 yearsof age, get a GT score of 100 or more, and get through thetraining.

What is the oldest you can become a police officer?

The job of Police Officer is generally a position within a municipality. Each municipality has guidelines that determines the maximum age at which a man or woman may enter the police force, so no one answer will be correct. Check with an individuals city's hiring practices.

How do you become a police officer in Minnesota?

You have to attend a 2 or 4 year program at a school in Minnesota POST Board approves. The MN POST Board is the agency that gives you a license to be a law enforcement officer in Minnesota. After graduation you take the state POST exam, and if you pass you can apply with departments. See related links for complete information.

What school can you go to to become a police officer?

You go to a 2 year college program in Criminal justice and then when you get hired by a department you go through their training program.

How long are police officers in training?

Once a police officer candidate is accepted into a law enforcement agency, he or she must attend 12 - 14 weeks of police academy training before starting the job. Other requirements vary from state to state, but in all 50 states, a successful job applicant for the position of police officer must have a high school diploma or GED, and some states require a Bachelor's or Associate's degree as well.

What is the criteria for becoming a police officer?

21 years of age . Clean criminal background . 40+ college credits . Physically fit . Avoid drugs/alcohol/major traffic violations . Be honest . & more

What colleges do have to go to become a police officer?

Police officers are required to graduate from a police academy. Still, there are a number of community colleges that are affiliated with police academies and have joint programs.

Are police officers trained to fight?

They take some combatives training. How thorough it is really depends on the individual departments and their training staff. The training is more focused on avoiding physical confrontation and controlling situations without violence. If a police officer has to resort to combat, he has probably already failed in his mission.

Is there requirements for becoming a police officer?

Of course, just like any job. You must be physically fit and mentally stable. Your criminal record is arguable, but felonies will disqualify you, and misdemeanors are questionable - to put it simply, a clean record is best. You will also be required to have a valid driver's licence, and pass a psychological interview and physical exam.

Can you become a police officer with ptsd?

In this day ands age virtually ALL law enforcement agencies carefully screen their applicants both physically and psychologically. If you are currently being monitored and/or are under treatment with medication for your PTSD, it is highly doubtful that you would pass a Psych screening. However, if your PTSD episodes were in the past AND you are able to pass both the psych test and the interview, you might be considered for employment. It is entirely up to the discretion of the individual agency. As a further FYI; provisions of the ADA generally do not apply to sworn (ie.: armed) law enforcement positions.

Can become a police officer with a felony?

Since felons are forbidden to posses a firearm, it is very unlikely you can be a police officer.

How old you have to be to become a police officer?

In most states police officers have to be at least 21 years old, although a few permit oficers to be as young as 18. Even though a state might have that 18-year requirement, it is rare to see an officer under 18 in the field. Most officers under 21 will be working in jails.

Can a police officer go through a lost phone?

Lost property is often turned over to the police department. Its very common for a citizen to hand over a knapsack, or wallet, or a cell phone. When property of value is turned over, there are three possible choices for the officer: 1. Throw it out. This is not really an "official" or Police approved method of dealing with found property, but if someone turns over a used sock, well its garbage. You aren't going to catalogue it or look for its owner. The value of the item will be taken into consideration. And trust me, you would be surprised what some citizens would try to turn over.... 2. Catalogue it and file the found property report. It's a report commenting on the specifics of the item, the finder and the location/time it was found. It gets stored until the rightful owner claims it, or a predetermined time passes. 3. Return it to the owner. Now, how would an officer do this? Well, he would have to look through the item. In answer to your specific question, an officer is doing his job when he is looking through a lost phone. He is attempting to find some kind of identifier to establish the owner. The officer may even start calling people in the contact list of the phone. If during this point he uncovers some information of a sensitive nature, or of criminal nature, he has been doing his job in good faith. Any investigation that is started through this incident is legitimate, and fault cannot be placed on the officer. In looking to the owner's information, the police officer finds something that MAY be criminal, that information CANNOT be used as evidence against the accused because the information was obtained from the accused personal property without his consent. ------------------------------------------------ Not sure when this answer was last improved, but, in US v. FLORES-LOPEZ, the Seventh Crcuit Court of Appeals, ruled that Warrantless Searches of cell phones is permitted. -- Demsd

Can you become a police officer at 18?

Some states permit officers to be certified as young as 18, but it is rare that officers that young will be allowed to work in the field. More likely, officers under the age of 18 will work in jails or prisons as correctional officers.

How do I become police officer in India?


How can one become a police officer?

through a series of tests but first you must go through the police academy some states may require college you have to go for 2 years in NYC then u have to go through the you must pass the physical(running ) mental, psych evaluation , lie detector, drug then the medical exam then you graduate then you can become a police officer all these test not neccicaraly in that order

How long do you have to go to a police academy to become a police officer?

Where you are I am not sure but when I went to the academy for Alexandria City Police it was 6 months.

How do you become a correction officer or a police officer?

corrections officer - apply to a prison and get accepted they will send you to training after witch you will need to pass a test . than work your way up the ladder. Police officer - depending on the agency or department apply for a position. If they operate their own academy they will send you through classes. If not,apply to a police training academe ,and complete training, than apply to your local police or sheriff office . you may be required to live in the community in which you work, or within a certain number of miles of your duty station..

How do you become a police officer in Georgia?

join the academy to make a chance to become a federal sheriff of police officer in gorgia

What training does it take to become a police officer?

Got to have a High School diploma first. Next step is either go to college or join the army. I joined the Army first, then went to college and got a 4yr degree in criminal justice. the you fill out tons and tons and tons and tons of applications and take test and all that other stuff. If you get picked. Expect to do a lot of book learning. The how to drive safely. How to shoot guys. Protect crime scenes. Interview suspects or witnesses. Conflict resolution. Use of force. Fire arms and deadly force. How to write reports, preserve evidence, and testify in court. Things that cannot be taught - are you, at your deepest core, a good and honest person? Do you honestly care about people and they job you want to do? Are you willing to put your own needs - up to and including your own life - behind the needs of the community. Can you keep your cool and help defuse voltile situations? Honesty knowing that you are being watched by others is one thing. But honesty is completely different when it's only you and no one else there. Do you still do the right thing in those situations? what does it take to be a teacher.........what does it take to be a doctor............what does it take to be a truck driver............Basically, a strong interest in the law enforcement field. The 'belief' that you could serve and protect the public. Ability to work with people of a comunity and be a guide to improving the welfare of a community.............that's only a basic reason. There are more if you think about it............... you will need physical and mental training to become a police officer.

Do police officers get enough training?

Yes they have plenty of practice before becoming a real police. So if you get into trouble you can always trust the police.

Where would you go to train to be a police officer?

A police training academy (run by the police for people they have accepted for training).

How long is the training to become a police officer?

Because the training program to become a police officer differences from each jurisdiction, there is no set time the training can take place in. On the East Coast some training programs can take as long as 6 months.

Why do police officers need training?

You need training for any profession e.g. hairdresser, footballer, athlete, doctor etc. And especially a job as a policeman where there is a lot of skill, focus, cleverness, stamina etc. needed for the job.. hope this is the answer you are looking for..

How are police officers trained for a crises?

US police officers are receiving mental health crisis training. It's for the officers to decide what to do in a certain situation such as if they should arrest a subject or to let them go. Police veterans are often the instructor on what to do in cases such as the one mentioned by knowing how to respond to the ones that are mentally ill.

How old you have to become a police officer?

You must be at least 21 years old because of legal requirements.The opposite end of the spectrum is true also. There are caps onthe upper age limit too.

How do You answer what do you think about becomming a police officer?

You answer truthfully. Any answer we may give may not be an answer you would. You should think about such questions before the interview