What level does Riolu evolve into Lucario in Pokemon Pearl?

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To evolve Riolu to Lucario you must first obtain enough happiness, then level it up.My advice to evolve Riolu is to go down cycling road, don't use repel though because you have to level it up so you can tell when it has enough happiness.That's how to evolve Riolu into Lucario.

Riolu evolves into Lucario as soon as it reaches maximum happiness. You can do this by giving it poffins that it likes, walking around with it holding a soothe bell (Pokemon mansion), battling with it, or by giving it massages in Veilstone City.
Riolu evolves when you have maxed out your friendship level with it.
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At what level does riolu evolve?

Riolu evolves into Lucario via happiness during the day, not based on level. Riolu's happiness must be at or above 220 in order to evolve.

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