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Why would a cat 'nurse' from a dog's mouth?

Was the kitten weaned too young, or separated from mother before it was ready to stop nursing? That is the only thing I can think of. Maybe the texture of the dog's mouth remi

Can you use Visine in a dog's eye?

  I would not advise it since Visine contains a constrictive component tetrahydrozoline. Even in humans, oral ingestion can lead to poisoning effects - changes in blood pr

How to Treat a dog's scratched eye?

If it's just a small scratch then use polysporin drops two or three times a day for a week or so. If it's a big scratch Or a cat scratch you need a vet. Watch for infection.

What could cause your dog's eyes to swell up?

Swollen eyes are caused by many different things: infection, glacoma, foreign objects in eyes such as a fox tails, allergic reactions, etc. The main thing is you need to take

There is redness around my dog's eyes. what is the cause?

This is called 'tear staining'. Your dog probably has a slight eye problem, it won't harm it though. When certain things from the air goes into the dogs eye, they get watery a

How do you keep a dog's hair out of its eyes?

 Some breeds of dogs such as the English Sheep Dog where meant to have some hair over their eyes to protect them. English Sheep Dogs of course were herders of sheep. Still,
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How would describe beautiful blue eyes?

'I caught a glimpse of the two bright ovals under your forehead, focused on your work. They were a twinkling pair of aquamarine, blue eyes, like strong, gleaming stickers that