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What level would describe a dog's eye?

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Why do you view the meniscus at eye level?

To be sure you are able to read consistently and accurately you have to view meniscus at eye level. When the eyes are above the level of the meniscus, the value read is less t

Can you use Visine in a dog's eye?

  I would not advise it since Visine contains a constrictive component tetrahydrozoline. Even in humans, oral ingestion can lead to poisoning effects - changes in blood pr

How do you describe hazel eyes?

Hazel is a light brown, just slightly darker than honey colour. (I have hazel eyes :) ) hazel eyes are a brown-green color, what's cool about them is that they change color

What best describes eye rhyme?

present when the words are very similar in appearance but dont have the same sound (daughter and laughter)

What would cause a dog's belly to get discolored in different areas?

With that being said, there are many things that can cause a dogs stomach to become discolored in different areas. One of the most common of which is caused by a mild allergi

Can salt water be used to clean dog's pussy eye?

a saline solution is recommended. Do not use plain tap water and table salt! You can however make your own. I proceed from this point on the basis of believing that potential

Why would a dog's claws fall off?

Answer . Puppies claws will fall out to make room for their adult ones and the same goes for their teeth. Adult dogs can lose a "dew claw" which is behind the foot. Some

My dog's eyes have filmy white stuff what should i do for him?

take your dog to the vet to get him checked out -------------------------------------------------------- If you dog is old it probably has cataracts but if you are worried

There is redness around my dog's eyes. what is the cause?

This is called 'tear staining'. Your dog probably has a slight eye problem, it won't harm it though. When certain things from the air goes into the dogs eye, they get watery a