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What makes a good insulator in the house?

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What materials make a good insulator?

Usually nonmetals. Rubber, plastic, wood, cloth, paper, Styrofoam, tinfoil (to reflect the heat.) The most common insulator for electricity is plastic.

What makes an object a good insulator?

when it absorbs heat really well. (i think confirm it!)   Not really. If the insulation in the walls of your house absorbed heat, you would be very uncomfortable. Just the

What makes wood a good insulator?

Electrical current is the movement of free electrons. A free electron is one that has been forced lose of it's orbit and is drifting between the other atoms. If you were to pu
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What makes styrofoam a good insulator?

Styrofoam is a good insulator because the plastic foam contains billions of trapped gas bubbles. Gases hinder heat conduction because their molecules are very far apart making
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Are bricks a good why to insulate your house?

Most bricks are relatively high density, and also generally good heat conductors, and thus poor insulators. That is why they feel cool to the touch at room temperature. Some