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What makes the palay maiden truly filipino?

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What makes you a Filipino?

Filipino is a way of life, a culture that you are raised in.  Filipino also refers to people born in the Philippines.

Can you truly make your penis bigger?

  No. The length of your organ (whether flaccid or erect) is determined by genetics. You can no more make your penis larger than you can change the length of your nose or

Can you truly make your penis larger?

Without surgery there is no way to permanently increase the size of your penis. Supplements, special diets, exercises, and pumps do not permanently increase the size of your p

What makes man truly a human?

Another answer from our community:   Love and compassion for his fellow creatures here on earth!   Love.love,not in bed love,but real honest to god love.like true  lo

What makes Filipinos a filipino?

 Filipino women use foreign men and then dump them once they've  obtained green cards. It is very common. Many will even get  pregnant just to get to the United States, gi
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What makes a short story truly scary?

Here are some scary things: familiar things that suddenly turn dangerous or aliensomething totally unexpected and dangerousknowing something is "out there" but not knowing wh