What is a mathematician?

A mathematician is a person whose primary area of study and research is the field of mathematics. People who apply mathematics to other field, but do not contribute directly t (MORE)
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What do mathematicians do?

Mathematicians are people whose primary area of study and researchis the field of mathematics. Another answer . To expand on the answer above: . Very broadly, mathematics ca (MORE)

What mathematician invented factoring?

Factoring, as in other basic mathematical operations was not invented or attributed to any single individual. Factoring is a basis to mathematics and its functions have been f (MORE)

What extrodinary Indian mathematician created pi?

You are probably thinking about Rahmanujan. However, he didn't really "create pi" - God created pi. Nor did he discover it, pi was known well before Rahmanujan. What he did do (MORE)

What are the characteristics of a mathematician?

As with all characterizations of any group, there are many examples of exceptions to the rules. That being said, the overwhelmingly most common characteristic of a mathematici (MORE)