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What mental disorder does someone have if they falsely accuse others of abusing them or molesting them?

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Is a wife being abusive if she makes false accusations to the police of mental illness to justify false accusations of abuse?

No, accusing someone else of abuse is not abuse. Falsely accusing  someone is illegal, however. Answer   False accusations are a form of abuse and can be use against you

Why do people make false accusations of Abuse or being Abused?

    answer     so many reasons why somebody may make things up, maybe too hurt somebody, maybe for attention, obviously they want something or want someone to f

Is it abusive for someone to make false accusations of abuse to police which has a severe psychological impact on the person falsely accused?

Answer . To make false accusations of abuse about someone to Police is against the law and, if caught, the person lying can be given a sentence by the court system. Most

Are you an abuser if you pushed someone once slightly after being falsely reported as having mental issues to justify abuse accusations considering the immense stress to the accused?

  Regardless of the "trigger," it is abusive to push or shove someone. If it is a one-time thing, you do not become an abuser. However, if it has happened more than once i

If becoming angry when falsely accused is considered normal and you reply in an angry Voice when Accused Why should such a response be considered Abuse by someone?

  It sounds like your emotions are taking priority, instead of rationality. Try to look at this from the perspective of somebody else. You make an accusation, and they bec

Can I bring a civil action against someone who falsely accused me of elder abuse in California?

If you have proof that a person falsely accused you of elder abuse  you can sue for defamation. Contact a lawyer to find out how to  file defamation suits in California. 

Is pretending to be someone else a mental disorder?

It depends on how you are doing it. If you just want to be somebody else for a little while and you know it, then no. There is a mental disorder called Multiple Personality Di

Can you take someone to court for false accusations?

If you are asking if you can sue them for slander, or libel, in civil court, it IS possible but contact an attorney to assess your possibility of being able to successfully mo

Can you sue someone if they falsely accuse you of child abuse?

First off, I'm not a lawyer. That said, if they intentionally accuse you of it AND you can prove that they KNEW it was false, I believe you may be able to claim defamation of

How do you defend yourself against false abuse accusations by an elderly mentally ill parent?

Caregivers of parents is an extremely difficult job especially when the elderly parent could have Dementia or Alzheimer's. Dementia and Alzheimer's makes the elderly parent pa