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Should companies oppose unions Why or why not?

    Answer       Hi,   Well, companies will almost always oppose union representation for it's workers. It's the workers that usually seek union re

Why did labor unions oppose immigration?

they had opposed the Mexican immigrants because they did not know any English. the Americans had no way to communicate with them. Nope. Unions did not care whether workers s

Why did many labor unions oppose immigration?

Labor unions oppose immigration because it causes "brain drain" which may have adverse effects on the economy of a country. While most of the talented individuals left their c

Why did the Soviet Union oppose the Marshall Plan?

The Marshall Plan was a part of the "containment" policy of the Cold War. The clear intent of the Marshall Plan was to prevent the spread of Communism, and in the case of the

Why many labor unions opposed immigration?

Immigration provides a source of cheap labor. It is in the interest of labor unions to keep the price of labor high. If labor was readily available and cheap, the unions would

Why do some labor unions oppose immigration?

Because Australia is only so big. If everyone immigrated from other countries such as China and America, it will get very crowded. By 2050 it is estimated the you will only be